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Teens Raise Animals for Benton Franklin Fair

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KENNEWICK- Wash.- Two Kennewick High school students have dedicated their summer to raising and caring for farm animals. They will show their hard work and prized possessions at the Benton Franklin Fair later this month. 

"Now that it's August, our weeks are very busy," said Joshua Cardenas, "Once you get these they're your livelihood for the summer," he added.

Cardenas spends his summer days with his lambs, feeding, cleaning, and preparing them for the fair.

This is his second year working with lambs as part of a Kennewick High School Agricultural class and Future Farmers of America. 

"It's been a little while since Kennewick has shown at the Benton County Fair, last year we came back with seven and now we're coming back with about 14," said Cardenas.

Michael Lauria, 16 has been fascinated with pigs since he was just a little boy, his sister named this year's fair pig Tolula.

"It's relaxing to come see them and kind of leave school at home and come out here and work with my animals for a little bit," said Lauria.

Lauria said Tolula was only about 35 pounds when he first started taking care of her back in march, now she is only about 20 pounds short of her 240 pound weight goal for the fair.

I'm more happy when I have my animals because I come from school and I see them and they're just wanting to play," said Cardenas.

Lauria and Cardenas said they have learned responsibility but agree parting ways with their animal is hard.

"And yea there is an attachment because you've had them since they were kind of babies...last year I really got really upset when I had to sell them," said Cardenas.

The pigs and lambs will be sold on the last day of the fair but Cardenas said it is for the best and his lambs will most likely serve a good purpose.