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Floating In West Richland Gets Trashy

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WEST RICHLAND, Wash.- People float down the rivers all summer long, but they are starting to anger some of the neighbors along the water who can't help but complain when their neighborhoods start to get trashy.

"I think the majority of the people are like locusts," explained Troy Dornbusch, who lives along the Yakima River. "Basically they just come in and then use and abuse and then leave."

Dornbusch is just one of the neighbors who has had it with all the trash. He described beer cans and food items being left around his home.

"I think the only way to stop that would be to shut it down," he said. "It's unfortunate to say that but its been going on for far too many years and it's progressively getting worse."

After "no parking" signs were placed along his street, cars still fill most of the roadway. A large dumpster was placed near the parking spots, but he said no one seems to use it.

"We bring a trash bag and we keep it in one of our rafts that we have with all of our water and all of our trash will go in that and where we get out there's a garbage can and we throw it all away there," said Taylor Woehle who floats down the river on weekends.

Even though some floaters clean up after themselves and sometimes even clean up other people's messes, the trash always seems to pop up along the river.

"I'll see tubes, empty flat tubes or water bottles or food or that kind of stuff," said Woehle.

But the trash does not get to most floaters. They enjoy it and the fact that it is a fun time that doesn't empty your wallet.

"We bring food and snacks and it's an all day thing and it's pretty free," she said.

Neighbors also tell NBC Right Now they have heard a lot of complaining about the trash, but they have not seen enough action. They would like to see hefty fines put in place and enforced for littering the river.