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Immigration Reform Bill Could Bring Local Economic Growth

Posted: Updated: The group Compact Washington recently released a report that highlights the benefits of coming up with a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented people currently in the country.
Things like more jobs and more tax revenue in our local economy. 

"There's all sorts of good things economically that come from legalizing the people that are here and Eastern Washington would be a big beneficiary of that," said Thomas Roach, Attorney at Law.

The study from Compact Washington reveals 121,000 jobs nationwide can be added if congress passes the immigration reform bill.

It has recently passed the Senate but is waiting approval and possibly changes in the House of Representatives.

"So there would be more Social Security taxes, more Medicare taxes, more federal income taxes, so that's all good," said Roach.

Nationwide the study shows $109 billion in additional tax revenue would be added and passing immigration reform could expand the gross state product by more than $21 billion.

"In order for us to continue to fill those jobs mostly in the construction, agricultural and restaurant, we need these people and we need these workers," Lori Mattson, President and CEO Tri-Cities Camber of Commerce.

Statewide an estimated 3,000 jobs would be created in Washington every year. 

Roach said by legalizing the undocumented workers in Washington they would be more likely to purchase homes and start businesses that would create more jobs. 

"These people that are here that would be legalized are complimentary to the economy just like the people at the top end we need them, people at the bottom end, we need them because Americans refuse to do that work," said Roach.