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Changes For Kids Going Back To School In Pasco

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PASCO, Wash.- You can say goodbye to summer kids… it's time to head back to school! To keep up with the growing student population the Pasco School District is making some changes.

"There's definitely an excitement," said Leslee Caul, the director of public affairs at the school district. "I see it all through the district and not just with the teachers and not just with the students. We're all really excited to get back into the routine and see the people we haven't seen all summer."

The playground is empty now, but this week the kids will be back in action. As they step off the school bus and into the building they might notice some changes, but not all of them are visible.

"A lot of the exciting things that are going on are things that students wont necessarily see. One of those was a big restructuring of our Wi-Fi system this summer," said Caul.

With big technology upgrades, the school district is heading away from the old books and toward online testing. Of course, to get all those kids around town they need the big yellow school buses. The Pasco School District tells NBC Right Now that they have 132 in total.

"We're just trying to keep up with our growth so we have some new buses that we have coming in," said Jose Hernandez, the supervisor of transportation. "Our fleet's growing. We anticipate about 9 additional buses this year."

All of these changes are thanks to the increasing population of Pasco. The number of students has more than doubled in just the past decade.

"There are a lot of new housing developments, a lot of new apartment buildings and with those new families comes new children to the schools," explained Caul.

Tuesday is the official start of the school year in Pasco for grades K-6 as well as 9th graders. All other grades will begin classes on Wednesday the 28th.