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Kennewick School District & Teacher's Association Reach Agreement

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - Hundreds of Kennewick school teachers met Thursday night preparing to rally for a change in their contracts. However, the event ended just minutes after it started.

The rally quickly became a celebration just a few minutes into the teacher's demonstration outside one of the school district's buildings on Garfield Street.

The Kennewick Teacher's Association and the Kennewick School District announced they reached a tentative agreement Thursday on big issues such as teacher evaluations, class sizes, and work load.

Hundreds of teachers, all wearing red, clapped and cheered at the news and the rally ended just minutes after it began. However, the deal still has been months in the making and there's more work to do before it's official.

"Negotiations started back in June, but one of the challenges this year was that the legislature went a bit overtime and didn't finalize their budget until the end of June," said Kennewick School Superintendent Dave Bond.

Both sides say they are extremely happy with the progress although they couldn't give specifics as to what the new agreement is