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Public Takes Sides on Road Construction in Yakima

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YAKIMA, Wash.-- Major road construction projects are starting once again in Yakima, and there is a mixed bag of opinions on the issue of all the road construction in the city.

Locals said it is both good and bad for the city.

"I hope they finish soon," said Yakima Resident Bryanna Anadilla.

This summer the city of Yakima is tearing up and repaving several major roads throughout the city as part of the grind and overlay project, and the public has some mixed opinions about it.

"I think you have to do construction to get good roads, people just need to be more patient for a minute and slow down and there's not that much traffic in Yakima so they can go around and find an alternate route," said Yakima Resident, Pam Cleaver.

"I think they should have spaced it out more because I have seen when they have spaced it out in different areas, it helps because you're not just stuck in one place, you can go around it a little bit," Anadilla said.

With school now in session roads that are torn up like Tieton Avenue cause a problem for drop off and pickup because of lane closures.

"A lot of students and a lot of parents are having a hard time getting to school on time, with all the traffic, there's a lot of having to go around or having to get backed up," Anadilla said.

Some people are also upset about the high price of the project.  The city is spending about $5 million to fix the roads, which they said is necessary to keep the roads up to standard for years to come.

"I think the public complains about the roads and they want nice roads and part of that is the cost," Cleaver said.

But in the end, there are always two sides to an opinion, and this one will give everyone a better city to drive in when it's finished.

"People will always have negative feedback, but people again just need to look at the bright side and figure that we'll have good roads," Cleaver said.

During the construction, city officials said while the project is happening traffic delays are unavoidable and drivers should use alternate routes.