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KPD: Daily Briefing : Sunday, September 1, 2013

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Sunday, September 1, 2013


Theft from Vehicle/9200 blkW Gage Blvd- Cpl Ball contacted the complainant who
advised her unsecured (open sun roof) 1998 Toyota PU had been entered sometime
between 2100 HRS 08/31 and 0600 HRS 09/01. Items missing included the victim's
purse, debit card, ID, food stamp card, sun glasses case and deactivated Sanyo cell
phone. The male half of the relationship took the vehicle to his place of employment
in Pasco prior to police arrival so the vehicle was not processed.

Burglary/00 blkN Zinser- Complainant reported that male came to his front door and
was pounding on it. Complainant said he did not want to talk to the male and did not
answer the door. The neighbor then opened the door and walked past the threshold
and threatened to get his shotgun and shoot the complainant. The resident pushed the
door and knocked the neighbor back across the threshold. He pushed the door closed
with the neighbor trying to push it open. The suspect exposed his genital and shook his
penis at the resident. The suspect broke some glass and then left. He was booked for
Burglary, and reviewed for Lewd Conduct and Malicious Mischief.

Burglary/3900 blk W 10thAve- Complainantreported that an unknown suspect entered
her house and took a SD card, A Droid phone and a Sony laptop. Lena has no idea who
the suspect is. An area canvas did not produce any leads.

Burglary/400 blk E Columbia Dr- Complainant reported that someone had broken into
the business and stole tools. The investigation revealed that the suspect was familiar
with the business. There was a foot print inside and outside of the building. The
suspect chopped a hole in a plywood door to reach in and open a latch. One of the
owner's sons was contacted. He had scratches on his arm from reaching through the 7
plywood door and his shoes matched the pattern of the footprints. He was booked for
Burglary 2nd Degree.

Fraud/00 blk S Verbena- Complainant reported that someone tried to use his debit card
number at a jewelry store. There were two attempts, one for $560.00 and one for
$565.00. Complainant said he called the store and talked to an employee who said she
had tried the card twice. Officers responded and talked to the employee. She would
not give contact information for the suspect. She did ask officers to get the $10,000.00
from the suspect that he owes the store. The officers told her that would not be
possible. The suspect was contacted via a telephone call and he admitted to using the
card and agreed to come into the station for an interview and did not show. Case
forwarded to the PA's office for charges.

Fail to Supervise a Child/1900 blk N Steptoe- Female entered the business and left her 8
year old and 1 year old children in her vehicle unattended. When she returned to the
vehicle she said she only left them in the car for a minute. The reporting party said they
were alone for nineminutes before she called and it took Officer Hanson nineminutes
to respond. Mom could not see the car from her location in the store. Her husband
responded and said that the 8 year old was old enough to watch his 1 year old sister.
The officers disagreed. Mom was cited and released for Failure to Supervise her

Vehicle Prowl/8100 blkW Gage Blvd- Complainant reported that an unknown suspect
entered his unlocked car and took $3.00, a GPS and duffle bag.

Trespass/1200 blkW 4thAve- A male ran into the location after being assaulted across
the street. He fled out the back ofthe store when KPD arrived. It was discovered that
he had attempted to prowl a vehicle and steal items from a store. Several patrons of
the laundrymat took exception to his crimes and tried to subdue him, but he managed
to escape. Dispatch transmitted other calls of the suspect attempting to enter vehicles
and buildings. He was eventually located in a yard and arrested. He was medically
cleared and booked into BCSO jail for Vehicle Prowl and Trespass.


DUI/3400 blkW 1st Pl-Officer Kuehny arrested male for DUI. .133/.137

DUI/Carmichael & Vineyard-Officer Kuehny arrested male for DUI. .79/.79

Warrant/800 blk S Olympia St-Officer Zinsli responded to a suspicious circumstance.
The reporting party said there were people moving items out of the residence that
didn't have permission. One of them, the former tenant, had 7 warrants and went to
jail. No other crime committed. 8

Theft/700 blk E 8thAve- Complainant reported that she took her bottle of Percocet
tablets to a baby shower and found 58 of them missing afterward. There were several
people at the event and one suspect also present at the baby shower was contacted but
denied taking them. No further suspect information.

Assault DV/1100 blk W 5thAve- Male and female live together and have a child in
common. Today he was on the phone, allegedly with another woman, according to the
female who demanded to see the phone. When he refused to allow her to see the
phone, the fight was on. Both engaged in a physical altercation resulting in minor
scratches and abrasions. Neither wanted to pursue charges or obtain a restraining
order. Per Judge both were to be cited and released then separated. The male left after
being cited.

Possession of Stolen Property/2700 blk W Kennewick Ave-Officer Pitts was at business
when a white male walked up to her and pointed his finger at her mimicking a gun
pretending to fire it. She contacted him and saw he had two bottles of liquor from the
grocery store across the street with the security seals still on them. She identified the
Male and checked with the store and discovered the alcohol was stolen. He went to