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Congressman Doc Hastings Talks Possible Attack on Syria

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RICHLAND, Wash. - Members of Congress are attending Capitol Hill briefings and meeting with constituents back home as they debate whether to authorize a strike on Syria.

Both houses of Congress will reconvene in Washington next week, though Committees have already started hearings. While the President has received some outright declarations of support for a Syria attack, other lawmakers say they're waiting for more information, and to see what he says in Tuesday's address to the nation.

NBC Right Now caught up with 4th District Congressman Doc Hastings in the Tri-Cities Friday to find out what he thinks about the possible military action. Representative Hastings says he hasn't made a decision yet whether he supports a strike on Syria but he is very concerned about our country taking action.

Hastings says he hasn't been briefed yet on the classified intelligence about Syria and will wait to make up his mind until he can consider all the information. He says he isn't convinced yet that there's a clear end to the proposed attacks. He's also concerned about the fall out if military action doesn't play out as planned.

"What is the mission and what is the end result? Until I get the classified briefing on that, I'm just going to withhold judgement, but I will tell you I'm very skeptical going in," Rep. Hastings said.

Hastings acknowledged the atrocities carried out on the Syrian people and the 100,000 people who've died and the thousands that are now refugees.

But he maintains we need to be cautious with our good intentions that could take a bad turn if Congress doesn't consider the consequences carefully of taking military action.