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Jury Hears Closing Arguments in Scantling Murder Trial

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- A Benton County jury heard closing arguments Wednesday in the Grant Scantling murder trial. Scantling is accused of killing Franklin Palmer in March.

Scantling is charged with first degree murder for breaking into the Kennewick home of his ex-fiancee Anne Krebs and killing her roommate Franklin Palmer.

The prosecution and the defense agree Scantling is guilty of murder, but disagree on what charge he should face.

In their closing arguments, the prosecution argued that Scantling's actions support a premeditated murder.

"One shot, you take the gun, point it, you decide you're going to kill somebody and you pull the trigger, that's premeditation," said Andy Miller, Benton County Prosecutor.

"Grant is not guilty of murder in the first degree, but he is guilty of murder in the second degree. There's no two ways about it," said Scott Johnson, defense attorney.

The defense argues the three shots that killed Palmer aren't enough to prove premeditation and Scantling should face charges of second degree murder instead.

Miller say Scantling's actions were premeditated, like the fact that he used a stolen gun, wrote angry letters to Krebs beforehand, broke into her home and attacked Krebs and did it all in front of their children.

"The defendant knows that they're there. Does he stop? No, he doesn't stop because he doesn't care," Miller said.

The judge ruled Wednesday that the jury could choose a verdict of either first degree or second degree murder.

The defense told jurors, even though it is a gruesome act, there is no proof Scantling had a plan to kill Palmer.

"But there is no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt of any premeditation by Grant to kill Franklin Palmer," Palmer said.

The jury will start their deliberations on Thursday morning.