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HAMMER High Speed Course Trains Officers for Patrol Pursuits

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RICHLAND, Wash.-- High speed pursuits are something to practice for and at HAMMER training facility their emergency vehicle operation high speed course will get your blood pumping.

Hanford Patrol and regional law enforcement officers learn important skills there and then put them to the test on the course.

"We have to be prepared if somebody who's not authorized on site, who has ill intent, is actually stopped before there's any harm to the public or to any government assets," said Casey De Groof, Deputy Chief Hanford Patrol. 

"Gives us an opportunity for our employees and law enforcement to get a feel of when the vehicle breaks traction. We want them to know what to do," said Rudy Almeida, Hanford Patrol driving instructor.

Officers first drive figure eights in a skid car before hitting the high speed course.

Outriggers lift the tires off the ground to lose traction and train the driver how to react quickly in a safe environment.

Almeida holds a remote during the lessons that controls which wheels would lose traction and in which direction.

After the skid car, Almeida takes officers in a patrol car at speeds up to 80 miles per hour on the high speed course.

It's training like this that prepares local officers to be ready to respond to any high-speed situation.

The 1.3 mile course is used by Hanford Patrol and law enforcement from across eastern Washington and parts of Oregon.