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City Council Discusses Future of Billboards in Yakima

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YAKIMA, Wash. -- They're an eyesore to some, but critical for business to others. That's why billboards in Yakima have become a hot issue in some parts of town. The Yakima City Council could be planning to do something about them.

On North First Street and Nob Hill Boulevard billboards line the streets. Some call it visual pollution, but to others it's critical advertising space for their businesses.

Tuesday, the Yakima City Council will decide whether to hold a public hearing on October 1st regarding billboards in Yakima. Currently, there is a moratorium in place on billboards 72 square-feet or larger meaning no new signs of that size can be built. The signs that are already up are allowed to stay, for now.

The City's Community Development Director says the city should also consider new types of billboards.

"Digital billboards, that's the new technology," Steve Osguthorpe says. "Most jurisdictions are not well prepared to address them and that raises the level of controversy because of the concerns over safety and aesthetics, yet that's the trend."

The City Council does not have a resolution drafted as of yet, but could decide on a number of different actions to take. Some of those actions include banning billboards in certain areas, banning them all together or doing nothing at all.