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Tree Companies Busy Picking Up Trees Downed in Sunday's Storm

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RICHLAND, Wash.-- The storm Sunday night knocked down several large trees across the region and it's keeping some companies busy picking up the mess.

A Richland home was destroyed in Sunday night's storm and now comes all the cleanup work.

Tree companies are overwhelmed with calls to pick up the damage.

"Right now we're very, very busy. We've got crews out all over the basin. We are working non-stop. We're working under the lights. We work all day long, all night long," said Rudy Duran, Boyd's Tree Service.

Boyd's Tree Service received over 100 calls following the storm to remove trees and debris downed by the strong winds.

"We'll cut into pieces, manageable pieces our bucket can handle and we'll take them off piece by piece and lower them on to the ground," Duran said.

It's a lengthy process that takes up to six hours a job. Arborists are working around the clock to handle all the calls.

"Midnight and we're still going to be going at it, even if we have to use flashlights because who wants a tree on top of their house that could either catch it on fire or take it down," said Alberto Santacruz, arborist.

To protect your house from looking like this, Duran says you should prune back large trees and especially as windier weather is heading our way this fall.

The people that lived in the Richland home are looking for your help after this devastating loss. You can donate money at HAPO Credit Union to the Deana Dallas fund to help them out.