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Controversy Brewing Over 'Adult Entertainment' Coffee Stand

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If you swing by the XXXtreme Espresso stand on Sprague just west of Pines in Spokane Valley, you'll find baristas in lingerie - or less - selling coffee. But supporters of the "Coalition For Community Values" say they're selling more than that.

"We're not concerned about bikinis in the least," said Shelly Clark, the co-founder of the coalition, which has been staging protests outside the coffee shop nearly every morning. "What we're concerned about is that we have a business in Spokane Valley that's operating as complete adult entertainment, but they're not licensed for it."

"I wish (the protesters) all the best," XXXtreme Espresso manager Brittani Burns said. "But we're going to continue making coffee regardless, we love our jobs, we love our owner and we'd love to stay here."

"I think if the protesters don't want to participate in purchasing their lattes here, they've got about 30 other choices within a mile, so if they don't like it don't stop," customer Merle Cramer told KHQ.

The stand advertises "topless Tuesdays and Thursdays" but Burns says the customers aren't just men - women and families come through the line too - and she says there are other places you could see just as much skin:

"Like the beach, or a strip club if you choose to go, and people choose to come here so I don't think it's really any different," Burns added.

But supporters of the coalition argue since the stand opened in Spokane Valley over the summer, their kids and families have been exposed to nude or partially nude women without their choosing from the view of the street.

The coalition has started a petition for Spokane Valley city councilors to regulate the coffee shop under adult entertainment laws and enforce the city's municipal code regulating "live adult entertainment" which is defined as "an exhibition... conducted in a commercial premises for a member of the public where the exhibition... involves a person who is nude or semi-nude."

Nearly 600 people had signed the petition by Tuesday night's council meeting and roughly 200 supporters filled the council chambers to address councilors - so many they were flooding into the hallways and lobby.

"As I drove by, I was horrified as my daughter and I turned to look at the business and there was a girl, not in the booth, standing outside the booth, wearing nothing but pasties and a g-string for anybody driving by to see," Sandi Ross, another co-founder of the coalition, told city councilors.

Another supporter said that school bus routes have even been altered so students won't be transported past the shop.

They want to see the baristas cover up, or the coffee stand shut down and moved to an area where adult entertainment is allowed. To see the petition, visit:

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