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Police Train in Hide and Seek in Tri-Cities

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - There may be hundreds of hiding places in your car, and police know where to look.

Law enforcement officers from across Washington state are in training this week in the Tri-Cities, learning how to search vehicles for hidden drugs and other contraband.

Officers searching through cars and vans brought in from junkyards uncovered stashes behind stereo speakers, in tires, and under the hood. One police officer found drugs, cash, and a pistol hidden inside a car battery.

Washington State Patrol Sergeant Darin Foster, a drug recognition expert, says an important aspect of this training is for officers to make legal searches that will hold up in court.

"It's all about training them to be more confident in their abilities to see something's not right, not normal, and then follow the steps to do a legal search," Foster says.

 Wal-Mart brought in a large refrigerated semi so officers could search in sub freezing conditions.