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Wife A Perfect Kidney Donor Match for Husband

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- A Kennewick husband and wife a are a perfect match in love and in health. The wife saved her husband's life by donating her kidney.

The couple tells me their experience is nothing short of a miracle. Doctor say the odds that Elida Saldana would be a perfect match donor for her husband were extremely rare.

Last April, doctors told Ben Saldana he had one year to live because his kidneys were failing. 

Saldana felt he needed to accept the bad news and told his wife they'd always be together even if passed away.

"Would wait for her on the other side," said Ben Saldana.

But his wife Elida was determined to find a donor.

"I needed to do anything in order to save and give my husband life. I wasn't going to accept that he was going to leave me without trying," Elida said.

The Saldanas have been married for 30 years and have four sons. Elida says she wouldn't let ben leave them yet. 

The donor wait list typically takes three to five years. So friends and family tested to be a donor and doctors were shocked when results showed Elida was a perfect match for her husband.

"They called it a miracle. And I call it a blessing," Elida said.

On surgery day, everything went smoothly and doctors say Ben is recovering well. 

Ben says he saw others in the hospital lose the battle against kidney failure and he couldn't be more grateful his wife gave him a second chance at life.

"I'm not taking care of a sick person. I'm taking care of a person that's getting better every day in front of my eyes, than to see may husband dying in front of my eyes," Elida said.

"My wife is everything to me. I'm glad to be here another thirty, forty years because of her," Ben said.

Ben Saldana is about half way through his three month recovery and doctors say the kidney took to his body well. 

Some people wait years to find a donor and doctors continue to be amazed by the Saldana's story.