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Tri-Cities Home Builders Association Ranks 2nd in State

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KENNEWICK, WA-- The construction industry in the Tri-Cities is strong and gaining recognition nationally for the consistent growth in our region.

Housing construction sites are popping up all over the Tri-Cities and that means lots of jobs for local workers. 

The construction activity is reflected in new numbers that give the local home builders association some high ranks. 

More than 1,100 new houses are expected to be built in the area this year. That building activity has boosted the Tri-Cities home builders association membership to second in the state.

"There's enough work that's been going on in Tri-Cities to keep a lot of these members employed and even attract new members from outside of the area to Tri-Cities," said Jeffery Losey, Tri-Cities Home Builders Association. 

The Tri-Cities Home Builder's Association isn't just making big strides in our state. In five years, the organization has shot up the national ranks, jumping up to 33rd this year. 

The strong local economy is catapulting the association to some greater recognition.

"It's been able to basically balloon us up to number 33 because it's a very strong economy because we have thousands of employees that are working in the construction industry," Losey said.

The local economy and the construction industry fuel each other. Builders support jobs for contractors, banks, realtors and more.

"Roofers, we've got plumbers working in the house, the framers just finished, there's landscapers, concrete flat work, there's just a lot of people that are employed happily because of our building economy in the Tri-Cities," said Brett Lotts, Tri-Cities builders.

For Sale signs can be found all over the Tri-Cities, but it's also a sign of employment. The home builders association says their 600 members employ around 10,000 people in the Tri-Cities and Walla Walla areas.