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Benton Co. Deputies Make Sure Speed Detectors Are Up to Par

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - Patrol officers rely on a high-tech piece of equipment to catch drivers speeding. It's called a 'speed detection device' and Thursday morning Benton County Sheriff's deputies made sure their machinery was up to speed.

Officers use their speed detection devices every single day. And there's a lot of science behind that technology. The speed detectors in Benton County Sheriff's vehicles use 'doppler' technology. It measures the frequency of an object based on its distance, whether that's in front of or behind a patrol car.

On Thursday, one technician went through every single device checking to make sure the frequency was accurate.

"We either send them in for repair or if they're not repairable, we take them out of service. The last thing we want to do is issue a citation for speed with faulty equipment," said

At times people do attempt to get out of speeding tickets by claiming the speed detector was inaccurate.

In Benton County each device is checked once per year and given a new certification that it's working properly. That document can be used in court if someone claims the detector is off, which means you'll still get stuck with that ticket.