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Looking To Get Hired For The Holidays?

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KENNEWICK, WA - The holidays will be here soon enough and stores will need some extra help to prepare for all those shoppers. 

"Usually seasonal hiring is retail sales people, cashier, stock clerks or operators," said Ajsa Suljic from WorkSource in Kennewick.

Seasonal positions are usually the kind of jobs that can be easily filled and picked up by people who do not have extensive experience in that field. Taking that first step to get the seasonal job isn't too difficult. People can walk in to their local WorkSource office or they can access all of those resources online. Most people who use the WorkSource website can find a seasonal job that fits their experience, but some seasonal employers need an experienced pro.

"We don't have time to train people for that holiday. They have to come in maybe a month or two months early to get kind of trained," explained Jackie Brown, the owner of Shelby's Floral. At her store it takes a little longer to learn how to properly arrange the flowers in a way the customers will recognize as the quality signature the store puts out.

"That almost doesn't pay for hiring somebody extra just for a couple weeks of real busy time," said Brown.

Tri-Cities businesses are expected to create about 400 jobs this season for part-time employment and Yakima is expecting 200. Often times those jobs can lead to permanent positions. This time of year WorkSource matches up the person with the right seasonal job based on their existing skills.

"Each store is different and they will offer those positions based on your experience or knowledge," said Suljic.

In the state of Washington about 13,500 retail jobs will be filled over the holidays. That is about the same amount that were open last year. If employers have any openings they are encouraged to post information on the Washington WorkSource website.