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250k Signatures Turned in for Gun Sales Background Check Initiative

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - NBC Right Now is digging deeper into the battle over whether gun sales should require more stringent background checks in Washington. Supporters are gathering signatures for Initiative 594 which would require background checks for online and private gun sales. 

The same issue failed in Congress and in the state legislature earlier this year so supporters went to the people. 

"Yeah, I'd sign one. I'm not much of a gun owner or anything but with all the shootings and all the deaths I know it's something I'd think about signing," said Trent Brown.

More than 250,000 people already have. At Ranch and Home in Kennewick, they already do background checks on every gun sale.

"We're all for gun safety and legal gun ownership. The current laws already prohibit sales to felons or individuals that are known not to have the privilege to own guns so that's already in the federal background check we adhere to right now," said sales associate Bill Steele.

Steele said if background checks were expanded it could backlog the process with more checks being done.

"I think people honestly want to cut crime and stuff. The problem is, these laws only affect law abiding citizens," said Steele.

The goal is to get more than 325,000 signatures by January. If the Secretary of State validates those, Washington voters will decide next November.