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I-522 Opponents Debate in Front of Yakima Chamber of Commerce

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YAKIMA, WA -- The proposed Initiative-522 legislation that would label genetically modified foods in grocery stores is causing both sides to spend millions of dollars.

Both sides faced off Monday in front of the Yakima Chamber of Commerce.

It appears as if both sides are for proper labeling of genetically modified foods but disagree about how to go about it.

The Yes On I-522 side argues that this labeling provides critical information for consumers and could help local farmers export crops to countries that are suspicious of genetic modifications.

The No side says the labeling will not do what it is intended and also cause unnecessary taxes on farmers who will be forced to shoulder the burden of relabeling their product.

"It is a very simple initiative," Wash. State Senator Maralyn Chase said. "It gives people the right to know what's in the food that they purchase at the grocery store."

"It's inaccurate, incomplete and inconsistent," Spokesman Brian Murphy said. "And it will not give consumers accurate information of what foods contain GE content."

Both sides of the legislation have raised millions of dollars with huge television advertising campaigns in order to persuade the public.

Registered Washington voters will be able to vote on the bill in the November 5th election.