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WATCH: Emergency Landing Captured On Passenger Cell Phone

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PASCO, WA – NBC Right Now continues to follow the aftermath of Monday's emergency landing at the Tri-Cities Airport. Flight 2329 heading from Atlanta to Seattle landed in Pasco after a warning light came on from the cargo area.

There was a lot of panicking as soon as the pilot came over the intercom and told passengers their plane would be landing about 220 miles short of their original destination. Some of the passengers documented the emergency landing all on their phones.

"That's when you know you've having a bad flight. When you're met at some airport you're not supposed to land at," said passenger Brady Holcomb in a video he took on his phone.

It was a bit unexpected for Brady Holcomb and the other passengers of Delta flight 2329. They did not know what to do when their plane started sharply descending.

"I knew something wasn't right," said Holcomb who has been flying his entire life and regularly for his job. When the plane started making sounds he had never heard and things got a little bumpy he and the other passengers panicked.

"The captain came on overboard and said something but it was inaudible. Couldn't really understand what he was saying. The lady beside me got very quiet and I asked her if she was ok. She couldn't talk."

Once on the ground passengers were greeted by fire crews and emergency vehicles. The airport is not usually equipped for such large planes and had to create a higher than usual ramp to get people off the plane.

"To have an en route emergency doesn't happen very often," said Ron Foraker, the airport Director.

Overall, Foraker says they handled the emergency well. Some passengers like Holcomb decided to get a hotel overnight having had enough flying for one day.

"I'm just ready to go home and see my family right?" said Holcomb.

Delta Airlines released the following statement today:

"The aircraft, a Boeing 757, landed safely. Another aircraft was dispatched to continue to the flight. Safety is always Delta's top priority."

Holcomb headed out in a rental car this morning. He posted that video to facebook last night so his family would know he was alright.