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Kennewick Police Department: Daily Briefing: Saturday, October 26, 2013

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Narcotics/400 blk S Green Pl- Male was kicked out of his mom's house in Pasco and
called his uncle for a place to sleep. Upon arrival he had a male and female with him.
The male shot up with heroin this morning and collapsed. Medics treated him and he
immediately regained consciousness and was transported to Trios. We collected his
heroin and paraphernalia.
Theft from Vehicle/5th & Kent-
Complainant called stating a male was entering several
vehicles and then tried jumping the fence into her yard but couldn't get over the fence.
Officer Zinsli located the male who was subsequently positively identified as the
suspect. He had sunglasses from the victim vehicle on his person. He went to jail.
Auto Theft/100 blk N Vancouver St- Complainant was warming up her maroon 90s
Toyota Camry when she heard the car leaving the gravel driveway. She looked outside
and saw the vehicle going north on Vancouver St and called police. Officer T Davis
spotted the vehicle a few minutes later at Yelm and Grand Rhonde. The vehicle quickly
turned west on Klamath and reckless drove to a gravel driveway at the intersection of
Klamath and Buntin St. He then drove down the driveway only to find that it ended at a
car port. The driver tried to exit while the car was still moving but didn't realize the
car's driver's side door handle doesn't work. While trying to get out the passenger side
door the car rolled off the driveway, a 12" drop, after taking out a 4x4 corner post
holding the roof up. By the time he rolled out of the vehicle Officer Davis was on him
and held him at gunpoint until other units arrived. The driver was arrested and
transported to KGH after having an anxiety attack and exhibiting behavior consistent
with narcotics impairment. Officer Cooper did a search warrant for blood. Suspect was
then booked for Auto Theft and cited for DUI – narcotics, Hit and Run and cited for
NVOL with ID.
Malicious Mischief/200 blk W Canal Dr-
Complainant left his car parked at his
employer's parking lot overnight and this morning the car was tipped on its driver's side.
A coworker lowered it with a forklift revealing only a large dent on the driver's side
door. Video shows a maroon new Ford F250 with gray stripes over the wheel wells in
the area before and after the vehicle was tipped. No suspects.
Assault DV/600 blk S Everett St- Officers responded to a report of a male assaulting a
female. Upon arrival the male refused to come to the door and we confirmed the
assaulted female was inside after being dragged into the residence by the male. The
door was breached and the male was arrested for assault DV. The girlfriend and
mother of their 6 month old son was inside sobbing. She had trauma to her head
leaving her with a large area of swelling on her left eye as well as her forehead. No
contact ordered issued.
Warrant/1700 blk W 15th Ave- This address was posted by Code Enforcement and has
been a problem residence in the neighborhood for a while. A neighbor saw a male
enter the residence and called 911. He was contacted and arrested on 5 warrants.
Theft from Vehicle/600 blk E 3rd Ave-
Complainant reported a customer's vehicle was
broken into at the location and the vehicle's rims/tires were stolen. Time frame is
within the last week. No suspects or witnesses.
B Squad
Theft/6400 blk W 1st Ave- Complainant called and reported that a female left a purse on
his door and asked if it belonged there, it did not. Another female then called and
reported that her purse was stolen. The purse was recovered and it was the second
females who was contacted via phone and said there should be a $50.00 bill in the purse
and there was not. She started making accusations about who stole her purse and
finally said she left it on the top of her car as she drove away from a residence on W 1st
Avenue. She asked to have the purse left at the location and it was.
Trespass/200 blk E Columbia Dr- Complainant called to have the residents of unit 27
removed. The electricity is off due not meeting code and most units where posted on
10/24/2013. Officers noticed that ¼ to ½ of the posted units still had people in them. It
is unknown why the manager singled out one unit. No enforcement action was taken at
this time, even so some residents still tried to argue. Report forwarded to Code
Enforcement and the City Attorney.
Death Investigation/4600 blk W Metaline- Officer Hanson responded to a medic assist of a 6
month old child not breathing. The mother had placed the child in a stroller for 30 to 60
minutes and when she went to retrieve the child had slid down in the stroller and was
being held in the by a cross bar that was on his neck and he was not breathing. Medics
transported the child to the hospital but the child could not be revived. The on call
commander and on call sergeant were notified. CPS was contacted. Coroner was
contacted and the stroller was taken into evidence.
Noise/3500 blk W Hood Ave- Officer Hanson responded to a noise violation call and
heard the noise upon arrival. The resident was contacted and said he has lived there 3
weeks. Records check showed that this is the second noise call at the location since he
moved in. He was cited and released for a Noise Violation.
Mental/8100 blk W Imnaha- Male became upset and his parents believe that his
medication is not working, possibly because he drinks and smokes marijuana. He broke
a door and plate. He cut himself on the plate. He agreed to go to Trios and Crisis
responded there as well.
Wanted Person/1700 blk W 6th Ave- Officer Greenough responded to a disturbance and
contacted a male who said he had been assaulted but did not want to have anyone
charged. He said his ribs were broken. He also had a warrant. He was arrested
medically cleared and booked at the BCSO Jail. No broken ribs.
Accident FTS & ID/1100 blk W 10th Ave- Officer Kiel attempted to stop a driver for DWLS
and traffic infractions. The driver drove his vehicle into the above parking lot in an
attempted to elude Officer Kiel. He jumped out of the vehicle and fled on foot. The
vehicle hit a post on the carport barely missing a vehicle. The male has a warrant for his
arrest; charges will be mailed for DWLS, FTS&ID and Resisting Arrest. The vehicle was
Warrant Arrest/100 blk S Zinser St-
Detectives received information from a source that
a male and female were at this residence. Detectives contacted the two and arrested
the male for 1 warrant, and female for 3 warrants. Both were booked into Benton County

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