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Kennewick Police Department: Daily Briefing: Thursday, October 31, 2013

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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Hit and Run/2700 blk S Quillan St- Reporting party found his 2012 VW Golf's rear
passenger light broken. There are no suspects or witnesses.

Theft/1400 blk W 27th Ave- 2 White males and a Hispanic male came into the store and
stole roughly $150.00 worth of alcohol. They suspects fled west on 27th Ave and were
not apprehended.

Burglary/1100 blk W 14th Ave- Complainant reported finding his two mountain bikes,
normally stored in his garage, on the driveway and the man-door left open. Unknown
who took the bikes out of the garage. No suspects or witnesses.

Hit& Run/Kennewick & Ione- Reporting party found their Honda, parked in the area of
Kennewick and Ione, struck by another vehicle. Insurance estimates $3200 in damage.
No suspects or witnesses.

DV Extortion & Threats/5200 blk W Clearwater- Officer Noble investigated and sent the
report to BCPA involving a male attempting to blackmail and threaten his soon to be exwife
in reference their pending divorce.
Warrant Arrest/4500 blk W Klamath- Officer Compton arrested a female on an
outstanding warrant. She was booked into BC Jail.

Shoplift Arrest/2700 blk S Quillan St- Officers responded to a theft in progress. The bad
guys had fled the scene in a white Chevy Impala prior to officers arriving on scene.
Shortly thereafter Officer Pitts located the car and stopped it in the area of Canal and
Edison. A 32 year old male and 50 year old female were both arrested for theft. In
addition the male was charged with Driving with a suspended license and the vehicle
was impounded.

B Squad

Wanted Person SR 397 & Gum- Officer Kiel stopped a male for a traffic violation. He
had an Oregon Driver's License and a Washington ID with a local address. He was told
he needs a Washington drivers licenses if living in Washington and claimed he did not. A
check revealed that he had a warrant for his arrest and his Washington License is
suspended. The male was arrested and said that Officer Kiel was making up violations.
Suspect was booked at the BCSO Jail for DWLS 3rd Degree and the warrant.

Burglary/2000 blk S Rainier- Complainant reported an unknown suspect entered his
house and took, and Xbox, several Xbox games, Dell laptop, 3 baseball caps (Orioles,
Rams and Canada). Some fingerprints were lifted and sent to the lab. Further
investigation pending results from the lab.

Noise Complaint/8300 blk W Bruneau- Multiple reporting parties called about a noisy
party and disturbance at the location. When officers arrived, the resident ran around
the house closing the blinds and refused to come to the door. Contact was eventually
made with him and his roommate. Both were intoxicated. There have been prior
contacts with the residence for noise. The first male had 2 warrants for his arrest and
was booked on the warrants and cited for violating the noise ordinance. Second male
was cited for violating the noise ordinance.

Malicious Mischief/1500 blk S Penn – Complainant reported that an unknown suspect
had smashed 8 pumpkins on his porch. He also said he was looking for the suspects and
when he returned his doorknob had been damaged.

Malicious Mischief/17th Ave & Garfield- Complainant reported that several juvenile
males wearing masks threw a rock trough her vehicle window. The rock hit a passenger
but she was not injured. An area check did not produce the suspects.

Order Violation/900 blk E 7th Ave- Complainant reported that a male and her daughter
were at her residence fighting and chasing each other in vehicles. Officer Grant
informed responding officers that she had probable cause to arrest for the daughter for
a previous order violation. Officers contacted the female suspect as she returned to the
location. She lied about the male being there. When the officers told her she was
under arrest for an order violation she started yelling and swearing at the officers. She
was told to exit the vehicle several times and did not. Officers removed her from the
vehicle and she stomped Officer Riel's foot. She was placed in a patrol vehicle and was
charged with, violating a court order, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and Assault 3.

Accident FTS & ID/4400 blk W 21st Pl- Male drove his GMC Yukon into a fence and fled on foot. He was located, identified by witnesses, medically cleared and booked at theBCSO Jail for Reckless Driving and FTS&ID.

Burglary/2300 blk W 12th Ave- Complainant reported that his neighbor's door had been
forced open. The resident was contacted and responded home. A Nintendo DC gaming
system and 10 Nintendo DS games were taken.

Burglary/400 blk S Yelm - Complainant reported that an unknown suspect entered her
house while she was away and took a 50" TV, a 46" TV, a laptop, a tablet and 2 gift
cards. An area canvas was done, but no one saw or heard anything.

Wanted Person/2800 blk W 2nd Ave- Officer Hanson responded to a noise complaint in
room 228. The renter was found to have two warrants, was told she was under arrest
and refused to come to the door telling the officer to "F" off. She also said she had sued
a county for harassing her like KPD was doing and she would sue KPD as well. The
warrant was granted and entry was made. She refused to follow commends and was
placed on the bed to be handcuffed. When the officer started to take her to the door
she demanded to collect her property and was told she could not. She attempted to
pull away from the officer and reared her head. She was escorted out the slider with
Officer Ayala on one side, Officer Sneyd on the other side and was placed in a patrol
vehicle. After she was dropped at the jail she started to claim her arm and her head
hurt. Officer Hanson escorted her to Trios and when they arrived she mentioned that
the officer did not let her get her medication (the first time she mentioned anything
about medication). As she was leaving Trios she said her wrists hurt. She was taken
back to the jail after she was medically cleared and was booked on the warrants,
Resisting Arrest and Noise Violation.


Theft/200 blk W Railroad- Complainant reported, on 10-27-13 at approximately 1722
hours, unknown suspects in a white late 80's to early 90's Ford truck, standard cab stole
a potato scale. Parts of the theft were captured on video. The scale which is normally
moved using a forklift due to its weight is described as; 4`x4`, black and silver in color. It
has a large flat base with a digital weight reader. Its value is $5,000.00. No leads or
suspects at this time. Update: CAT conducted follow-up on this case. Male called to
report that he saw a news story on this theft. He advised he purchased the scale for
$300.00 from a male. The male advised after he purchased it he sold the scale to a
friend. Detectives Schwartz and Dorame contacted both males and the reporting party.
The scale was recovered, and returned to the owner. The detectives developed enough
information from to arrest a 43 year old male suspect for Possession of Stolen Property
1ST and Trafficking in Stolen Property. The suspect was located in Pasco Saturday and
arrested. He denied all knowledge of the incident.

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