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Walla Walla Police Department Detective Promoted to Sergeant

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Sgt. Kevin Bayne Sgt. Kevin Bayne

WALLA WALLA, WA - A big promotion for one detective in the Walla Walla Police Department.

Chief Scott Bieber announced on Thursday afternoon the promotion of Detective Kevin Bayne to the position of Patrol Sergeant. The promotion takes effect on December 2nd.

The new position was necessary as the Patrol Division moves to 12-hour shifts in January. The Patrol currently divided into three 8-hour shifts, each supervised by a Sergeant. As the department moves to the new shift schedule, there will be 4 patrol squads, requiring the new supervisory position.

Bayne is a Walla Walla native, who joined the police department in October of 2000, after serving in the US Marine Corps. He has spent the past 9 years as a Gang Detective in the Special Teams Unit. He is also a member of the Emergency Services Unit SWAT Team.

The decision to move to 12-hour shifts was made in order to save overtime costs for the Patrol Division.

In the past, rotating officers through the annual training has caused shortages across all of the patrol shifts, depleting much of the overtime budget. The 4-squad system matches the shifts worked by the Sheriff's Office, allowing easier scheduling of training involving both agencies.

The change will also allow every Patrol Officer to have every other weekend off, as opposed to the yearly bid system, where senior officers are more likely to have weekend days off. Walla Walla PD is the only law enforcement agency in the area still working the 8-hour schedule.