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Yakima City Council To Discuss Pit Bull Ban

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YAKIMA, WA. -- City Council will hold a study session Tuesday to begin public discussion on the current ban of pit bulls.

Many pit bull owners see their pets as loving and could never imagine them hurting someone but some argue that pit bulls tend to be more dangerous than other breeds.

That's the topic up for discussion in front of City Hall on Tuesday. The City of Yakima currently has a ban on dangerous breeds of pit bulls that's been in place for the last 26 years. But some people want that ban lifted.

Council members will discuss the ban on pit bulls and whether or not to keep it the same, loosen restrictions, or to simply remove the ban altogether. Some people are asking for the breed specific legislation to be removed, saying it doesn't prevent dog attacks and enforcement is too costly. 

People we talked to are torn as to whether pit bulls or owners are at fault for dog attacks.

"I don't know if its just in their breed or if they are raised to be that way," Lou Bartelli says. 

The ban as it stands now states that if a pit bull is found in the City of Yakima the owner has 48-hours to get it out of city limits or risk it being impounded. Once impounded the pit bull can then be put up for adoption if it isn't considered dangerous.