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Kennewick Police Department: Daily Briefing: Friday, November 8, 2013

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Friday, November 8, 2013


Domestic/4000 blk S Auburn- Complainant reported that her boyfriend took her laptop and his guns from her house and left.  She said she was intimidated by the fact that he had the guns although he never used them in an aggressive manner.  He said the laptop is his but she used it for her business and had backed up files on another computer.  Forwarded to the PA.    

Theft/8200 blk W Clearwater Ave - Complainant reported finding one of their old trade- in vehicles prowled.  Nothing was damaged but there were parts from the vehicle missing that appear to have been taken to use on a similar vehicle – a 1994 Nissan Pathfinder.    

Theft/5600 blk W Clearwater- Complainant took his cell phone to the business to have it worked on.  After not getting the phone back he confronted the owner who said they had a theft in the store by a former employee where 13 phones were stolen.  Also the store's insurance policy has expired.  Investigation continuing.     

Theft/4300 blk W Hood Ave- Complainant reported finding his AZ license plate stolen from his 2012 Kawasaki Ninja.  He located a mounting bolt nut below the bike indicating the plate did not fall off during the time he rode it.  The plate has been entered into ACCESS - (XRMC9C).  No suspects or witnesses.    

Assist/300 blk S Gum- Walla Walla SO requested we attempt to contact two suspects in scrap metal thefts from their jurisdiction.  Contact was made at one residence and saw the suspect vehicle.  The suspect was not at the location but was later found and brought to KPD where he gave the name of the second suspect.  He was booked into jail for a warrant and WWSO interviewed him regarding the theft.      

Theft/1900 blk N Steptoe- 19 year old male came into the store and attempted to peel off a security label from a bottle of whiskey.  When confronted by store employees he put the bottle down and exited the store carrying something in his coat and then got in a car and drove away.  He was later contacted and denied taking anything from the store but admitted wanting to steal the whiskey.  He was cited and released for Theft/MIP/DWLS.

Burglary/400 blk E Columbia Dr- Complainant reported the locks and chains that secure the back fenced compound gate were cut upon arrival to the location.  An old MC that didn't run was taken.  It is described as a 1980 Yamaha MX175 with serial number 3MZ- 100964. It was white in color. The motorbike did not even run and was only worth its weight in scrap metal (about $50.00).  No suspects or witnesses.    

Burglary/3000 blk W 4th Ave - Complainant reported finding his locked garage storage open.  The suspect had cut the locking mechanism and discarded the lock.  Per witnesses, the door had been that way for a few days.  At this time there appears to be nothing missing.  No suspects or witnesses.    


Attempted Suicide/800 blk S Wyoming St- Complainant called and hysterically reported that someone was trying to kill themselves.  Officers arrived to find her son with a substantial would to his neck.  He could not talk and was not cooperative.   Medics transported him to Kadlec.  He was not cooperative with the medical staff at Kadlec and was sedated.  No information was gained from Gregory.  He was flown to Harborview.   

Theft/1300 blk W 4th Ave- LP stopped a 16 year old male for taking a candy bar without paying for it.  He did not have any identification.  He was identified and transported home.  A JCR was completed for the Theft.  

Disturbance/1100 blk W 10th Ave- Complainant reported that her 16 year old son was out of control.  He is on SAP (Juvenile Probation) and went out after his curfew and when she confronted him about it he said he wants to die.  Crisis Response was contacted and said he is not a threat to himself or others.  The case was forwarded to his PO for a possible SAP Violation.    

DUI/3500 blk W Hood - Female drove her pick up into a fence and was intoxicated.  She was arrested and booked for DUI.  The vehicle was towed.    
Disturbance/2600 blk S Ledbetter- Several subjects were contacted at a party.  One male had a warrant and was booked at the BCSO Jail.  All juveniles that were found with alcohol on board were arrested and booked for MIP or received a JCR for MIP and turned over to their parents.    
Order Violation/10th & Garfield- Officer Kiel stopped male for several traffic infractions.  There was a female in the vehicle and when he was run for warrants he returned as the respondent in a protection order.  The petitioner was checked and her picture matched the female passenger in the vehicle. She was identified after giving several false names.  He was arrested for an order violation and booked.  He also received several traffic infractions.  She was cited and released for False Reporting.    

Robbery/4600 blk W Clearwater- LP said he saw a female place a package of meat in the purse and leave the store without paying.  She was accompanied by another female.  LP confronted the two outside the store and the first female became verbal but returned to the store.   She then tried to leave the store and LP took her to the ground to handcuff her.  She then bit the LP on the wrist and elbowed him in the mouth as he was trying to handcuff her.  Second female left with first female's purse containing the meat.  First female admitted post Miranda that she stole the meat, bit and hit the LP.  She was booked at the BCSO Jail for Robbery Second Degree.  Second female was not located.    

Assault/200 blk W Kennewick Ave- Complainant reported that as he left the above location a white male with a heavy beard hit him.  The male fled in a black Cadillac.  No further information.    


Field Arrest/1200 blk W 10TH Ave- CAT stopped a vehicle being driven by male. Once the vehicle stopped a female passenger exited the car and ran off. The male was contacted and arrested for DWLS. The female who fled is believed to be a 30 year old female who has 5 warrants of her arrest. The area was checked, but she wasn't located.

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