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Kennewick Police Department: Daily Briefing: Saturday, November 9, 2013

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Saturday, November 9, 2013  


Order Violation/2100 blk N Steptoe- Male was at work when another male walked by glaring at him.  There is a no-contact order in place.  Second male was not located.   

Theft/2200 blk W 6th Ave – Reporting party left his 8' aluminum ladder outside leaning up against his house.  When he got up it was gone.  No suspects or witnesses.    

Theft/4200 blk S Fir St - Complainant received new license plates in the mail and swapped them out.  He took the old plates to Waste Management to have them destroyed.  Today he got a parking ticket notification from Orting WA.  The plates were entered as stolen.   

Fraud/3400 blk W 34th Ave- Complainant found his credit card number had been used in Rochester MN.   No suspects or witnesses.

B Squad  

Assault DV/200 blk N Ely- Female arrived at the location to retrieve a cell phone from her baby daddy.  He told her not to come to his work and when she arrived he tried to leave, but she followed him demanding the phone.  He refused to give her the phone and she grabbed his jacket pocket where the phone was, causing him to lose his balance and they both fell.  While on the ground she continued to take the phone, while he got up and tried to leave again.  She continued to follow.  She was arrested for Assault DV and booked at the BCSO Jail.  Judge issued a No Contact Order.   

Noise Violation/2300 blk N Rode Island- Officer heard the music from the street and contacted the resident who turned the music down when he saw the police were at his door.  There was large dog that was at the door with the male who tried to close the door saying he was scared of the gun.  Officer Ayala had his taser out and at his side because of the large aggressive dog.  The male continued to make an issue of the laser light on the taser after he was told it was not a gun.  He eventually gave his ID and was identified, cited and released for a noise violation.  

Trespass/100 blk N Lincoln - The residents of the above location called because a male unknown to them had walked in their back door, walked to the bathroom, used it and walked into the living room and started to talk to one of the residents.  The male was identified and was very intoxicated.  He was medically cleared and booked for Criminal Trespass.    

Aggravated Assault/Benton & Kennewick- Male arrived at KGH with a large stab wound.  He arrived with another male.  Neither identified that suspect, but third male was contacted and immediately invoked, without the officers saying anything.  CAT responded and contacted the on call day shift detective sergeant who said to take statements and send the case to them.  CAT and patrol interviewed everyone involved.    

Suicide Attempt/00 blk W 24th Ave- Officer Kiel responded to a third party report of a suicidal subject. Female was contacted and said she is contemplating suicide because she is depressed that her boyfriend went to Walla Walla to help someone with their car.  Crisis Response was called and talked to her.  Crisis set up an appointment for the morning and said that she was OK to stay at home.    

Assault DV/5000 blk W Clearwater Ave- Female said her brother hit her in the face during an argument.  She has a swollen lip.  An attempt to contact the suspect at his residence was not successful.  Investigation will continue.    

Theft/2800 blk W Kennewick Ave- LP saw two females select cosmetics and one placed them in her purse walk past the registers and exit the store.  LP confronted the two who denied taking the items and left in a silver vehicle.  The vehicle owner was identified.  The location was checked and the vehicle was not there.  Investigation will continue.

Assault DV/2700 blk W 6th Ave- Complainant said last night her sister was hit with a gun by her boyfriend.  He was contacted and admitted he owns a gun and showed his weapons permit.  He said he had his brother hid the gun because his girlfriend has threatened to call the police and say he threatened her with it.  He had scratches on his neck and said she did that last night.  She was contacted and denied anything physical took place and did not have any injuries.  Case forwarded to the CA for review.    

Wanted Person/2600 blk W Bruneau Pl- Officer Reil responded to a suspicious person.  Male was contacted sleeping outside the building.  He had a note he said was from the building owner giving him permission to sleep outside the building.  He also had 4 warrants for his arrest and was booked on them.    

Theft/6600 blk W Canal Dr- LP saw male place pocket knife in the front of his pants and attempt to exit the store without paying for it.  He denied the allegation at first then admitted he took the knife to sell so he could buy tampons for his girlfriend.  He was booked at the BCSO Jail for Theft.  

Arson/2900 blk W 19th Ave- Officer Hanson responded to a call of a vehicle on fire.  He located a vehicle with a partially burnt rag in the gas funnel.  The registered owner was contacted and had no idea who would have tried to set her vehicle on fire.    


Warrant Arrest/100 blk N Conway St- Detectives contacted the apartment to arrest 25 year old female for 4 warrants. The child who initially answered the door said she was there, and would go get her. A moment later the female's husband came to the door, and told us his wife wasn't there. When we told him what his child had said he became argumentative. Detectives asked for permission to check for the suspect he said "no" and to get a search warrant. Detectives obtained a telephonic search warrant and served it. The suspect female was found inside the apartment and arrested. She was booked into Benton County Jail for 4 warrants and resisting arrest. Her husband was cited for Rendering Criminal Assistance and released so he could care for his two month old child.

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