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Kennewick Police Department: Daily Briefing: Sunday, November 10, 2013

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Sunday, November 10, 2013  


Theft from Vehicle/1000 blk N Center Parkway- Reporting party advised Officer Reynolds that sometime over the course of a week an unknown suspect stole his Rugar SKR40 semi-auto pistol out of his unlocked vehicle's glove box. No suspect info at this time.  

Theft from Vehicle/700 blk N Irby St- Officer Meyer took a theft from vehicle report on the complainant's unlocked vehicle. Unknown suspect stole several engraved tools. No other info at this time.  

B Squad  

Theft/1800 blk S Washington- Employee called at 2316 hours to report a theft of beer that took place at 1930 hours.  He said he did not call earlier because he did  know he had to.  He said two black males entered the store and selected 6 to 7 alcoholic drinks and fled without paying for them.     

Noise Complaint/400 blk N Arthur- The manager had already been to the location and asked for the music be turned down and she was ignored.  Officer Ayala heard loud music upon his arrival and contacted the resident outside the residence and he said he lived there with his mother.  He refused to identify himself and repeated that Officer Ayala needed a search warrant.  He eventually produced his ID.  He was cited and released for a Noise Violation.    

Domestic/300 blk S Perry Pl- Complainant reported she and her husband were married today and at their reception got very drunk.  She said they started to argue about music and he said he was going to rape her with sandpaper.  She said she did not feel threatened but she does not know if she still wants to be married to him.   No evidence of an assault.  

Theft/2700 blk S Quillan- Loss Prevention saw a 19 year old female and 35 year old male leave the store with unpaid merchandise.  The male also had 5 warrants for his arrest.  She had some marijuana on her person.  He was booked for Theft and the 5 warrants.  She was booked for Theft and Possession of MJ.    

Domestic/200 blk W 3rd Ave- Complainant called and reported that her boyfriend had assaulted her and left.  He was located and he said she had threatened with a knife so he pushed her away from him and left. She said that she told him to get away from her and he picked her up and threw her on the floor.  She showed several bruises that appeared to be days old.  Both were intoxicated, but she was very intoxicated.  Her recollection was disjointed and her timeline was off.  When asked about knives she said they had been playing knife games, that he was showing her how to hold a knife because he is an MMA fighter.  He had pictures of her holding a knife and it did not appear that she was playing a game. The on call Prosecutor was contacted and suggested that they be separated because it does not appear either could be prosecuted.  He left with friend.    

Detain & Transport/2600 blk W Deschutes- Crisis called and reported that a male has been calling daily and has become more aggressive lately.  Today they thought he was masturbating while talking to them and he would call right back when they hung up.  Crisis issued a Detain and Transport and he was taken to Trios.  Crisis contacted him and said he had calmed down and could be taken home.  He was driven back home.  

Theft/1300 blk N Columbia Center Blvd- Three females placed several items in a purse and left the store without paying.  Loss Prevention contacted them outside the store.  One of females told Loss Prevention they cannot touch them and they left in a black Cadillac.  The vehicles' registered owner matched a surveillance photo of one of the theft suspects.  The vehicle was not found at the owners address.  Investigation will continue.    

Alcohol Violation/100 blk W Kennewick Ave- Officer Greenough saw a male pushing two females around in the street.  The male was contacted and was very intoxicated.  The male refused to give his name and tried to walk away. He was told he was not free to leave and the male placed his back to a vehicle with his arms behind him to hinder being placed into handcuffs.  The male was eventually identified and was taken to the Trios to be cleared.  Trios staff said they were going to admit him.  He was cited and released for Minor in Possession of Alcohol and Obstructing.  A few minutes later Trios called in a disturbance in the ER.  Since he caused a disturbance in the ER the staff changed their minds and decided not to admit him and medically cleared him.   He was booked at the BCSO Jail for MIP and Obstructing.   

Suicide Attempt/100 blk E 3rd Ave- Lifeline reported a female told them. "If I wanted to I could jump off the bridge".  She was located by the blue bridge and put in contact with Crisis Response.  Crisis said she was OK to go home and she did.   

If you have information pertaining to any of the crimes reported in the Briefing, contact Kennewick Police at (509) 582-1351 or Tri Cities Crime Stoppers at (509) 586-8477/ (800) 222-TIPS or 

Kennewick Police Crime Prevention prepares the Kennewick Police Briefing. 

For more information contact Kennewick Police Crime Prevention at (509) 582-1351.

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