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Grocery Store Explains What Happens to Leftover Turkeys

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YAKIMA, WA. -- By now Thanksgiving dinner has come and gone. But many grocery stores still have turkeys left on the shelf.

Turkey dinner on Thanksgiving is synonymous with family but like that Uncle you didn't call, some are forgotten. There are turkeys left behind, stacked in grocery stores around the country.

"You never quite sell them all and you don't want to sell them all because that means you probably didn't have enough turkeys," Chris Brown, owner of Wray's Grocery Store said. "You always have a few left."

Wray's Grocery Store in West Valley gets more than 2,000 turkeys to sell for the holidays. Now only 20 are left. While we were there not one turkey was bought. One lady looked interested, but then she moved on. After Thanksgiving is over, turkeys are marked down to sale prices. But with many fridges filled with leftovers, what happens if no one wants them?

If you're a turkey still left on the shelf after the weekend then you're carted down the hall and sent to the butcher. There the turkeys are cut up and sold separately. Every part of the bird packaged and sold.

"You get the two legs, the two thighs, the whole breast or half the breast and then you get the giblets as well," Brown said.

"The insides, the giblets, a lot of people use for their gravy and different things like that," Wray's butcher Jordan Cobane said. "No part of the turkey gets wasted."

So if you don't have enough leftovers or maybe the family ate everything in sight on Thursday, there are still a few lonely dinners just waiting for a home.

Wray's says the next food they will stock up on is prime rib which is a popular Christmas dinner. But those wont be nearly as popular as Thanksgiving Turkeys.