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Yakima Residents Weigh in on Pit bull Ban, Council to Discuss Again Tuesday

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YAKIMA, WA - The yakima city council is set to continue hearing public opinion on the ban on pit bulls this Tuesday.

The last city council study session on the ban gathered so much public response that a decision was delayed.

It's been in place since the late 80's.

On Tuesday the council will review more opinions, this time from Yakima Code Enforcement officials and the Yakima Police Department, supporting the current ban.

But some people tell NBC Right Now they disagreed on whether or not to keep pit bulls out of Yakima.

"I've been bit by dogs before and got dog viruses. It was pretty scary," said Susan Miller, a Yakima resident who wants to keep the ban.

"I've had really good experiences with them and I like mine so much and they're good dogs if they're raised the way they should be," said Amethyst Larsen, adding that she does not agree with the current ban.

If the ban is lifted there could be strict rules for owning a pit bull which include; mandated liability insurance, requirements that the pet get neutered and have a muzzle while in public and mandatory fencing around properties that own pit bulls.

A decision on the ban is not expected this Tuesday but is not entirely out of the question.