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Kennewick Police Department: Daily Briefing: Thursday, November 28, 2013

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Possession of Stolen Property/100 blk N Ely-
Officer Reynolds arrested a male on
warrants. He had credit cards stolen from a purse the night before on his person. He
was booked on the warrants. Investigation continuing.
Assault/4600 blk W Clearwater Ave- Male was previously arrested and trespassed for
shoplifting at the store. Today he returned and tried to steal more items. He was
confronted by Loss Prevention and as they attempted to detain him he fought with
them but they did get him detained. While fighting he knocked over a little girl who is
recovering from brain surgery. She hit her head but appears ok. Officers arrived and
found meth and meth pipe on his person. He was booked for burglary 2nd, Assault 3rd
and Possession of a Controlled Substance.
Unreported Stolen M/C Recovered/2700 blk W 15th Pl-
Cpl Dronen responded to a
suspicious situation where the reporting party observed a male dressed in a carhardt
coverall suit drive up get off a Endure motorcycle throw the helmet he was wearing on
the ground and run away from the vehicle. Cpl Dronen ran the VIN since there were no
plates and it came back to a Spokane area resident. He was contacted and advised the
motorcycle was purchased by a firefighter who lives in the Benton City area. The bike
was impounded as a recovered unreported stolen for safekeeping and BCSO was
advised and will be doing follow up to obtain the new owners information.
Stolen Vehicle Recovered /14th & Date- Cpl Dronen was checking on a suspicious
vehicle, a white GMC pickup occupied by one male in the residential area behind
Hubby's Pizza. The vehicle came back to a white 1995 GMC PU WA#B63357R, stolen out
of Cheney. By the time Cpl Dronen turned around to contact it, the vehicle was gone.
The area was checked but it was not located. Almost 45 minutes later Officer Meyer
spotted the vehicle going south on Gum St from Columbia Dr, this time occupied by two
males and one female. Officers Meyer and Davis attempted to pull the pick up over 1st
and Gum. The female and male passengers bailed out of the vehicle and the stolen
pickup fled across the parking lot heading west on 1st. Sgt Genack had just turned onto
1st from Gum and pulled in behind it and attempted to pull it over. The stolen vehicle
turned south onto Date and continued south, violating the stop sign at E 3rd, and
continuing south on Date to E 5th at a high rate of speed. Sgt Genack stopped his pursuit
when the stolen turned onto E. 5th. The vehicle was later found unoccupied by Officer Noble in the trailer park near 14th and Date. The male and female who bailed out were
identified. The male was placed under arrest for possession of a concealed weapon and
the female had a felony warrant out of Oregon which was extraditable. The driver of the
vehicle was identified by the male's father. He said he has not seen his father recently
until he called and picked them up at a residence on E 5th Ave to take them to dinner.
He said his dad had outstanding warrants which were confirmed. He was positively
identified as the driver of the stolen vehicle by Cpl Dronen. Cpl. Dronen will be sending
this case to the Prosecutor for review and charges against Woods the driver for PSP
Vehicle and Eluding police.

B Squad
Disturbance/1100 blk N Buchanan- Officer Greenough responded to a verbal argument
between two males. There was female present as well. It may have been physical but
all three people were uncooperative. The issue was solved when one of the males
returned with warrant. He was booked on the warrant.
Theft/1300 blk N Columbia Center Blvd- Manager reported that two 17 year old
females had concealed merchandise and were contacted prior to leaving the store.
Manager said it is the store's policy not charge suspects if they do not leave the store.
Both were trespassed from the Mall for five years. Both were turned over to their
Suspicious Circumstance/2100 blk N Steptoe- Complainant reported that she found an
unresponsive juvenile female in her back yard. The13 year old female was contacted
and KFD determined she needed to be transported to Trios. She was under the
influence of MJ and said she had runaway two days prior. Her mother responded to
Trios. The Failure to Supervise laws were explained to her and he daughter was turned
over to her.
Trespass/300 blk S Union- An employee said a male was told to leave the store and
refused. He was contacted and trespassed. He also had 6 warrants for his arrest and
was booked for the warrants.
DUI/27th Ave & Vancouver- 17 year old female drove into a fence in the above area.
She was intoxicated. The investigation was challenging since the driver was not
cooperative and could not hear. Officer Reil completed a search warrant for blood and
she was turned over to her parents. The mother was not happy that her daughter was
Assault/1100 blk W 10th Ave- Male gang member left an apartment and confronted
another male. They fought and the male beat the gang member who left the scene
prior to police arrival, most likely because he has 6 warrants. The first gang member's
friend, also a gang member, left the same apartment to avenge the beating his friend received and confronted the first male at his front door. There was a female neighbor at
the front door. The second gang member hit the female in the neck and spit in the
male's face. The male punched the second gang member and knocked him out. He fell
down the stairs and the male followed. The gang member came to and confronted the
male again. The male hit the gang member again, knocking him out for a second time.
The gang member then obtained a crow bar and threatened the female's husband with
it. The first male left prior to police arrival. Dispatch said the second gang member had
entered his apartment with two female victims. When Officers Grant and Kiel arrived he
was exiting the apartment and was confronting them and swearing at them. The
officers saw hysterical females in the apartment. The complex security guard pointed
the officers to the gang member and said he is one of the suspects. Officer Kiel ordered
him to come way from the apartment. He then turned and tried to run into the
apartment. Officer Kiel did not want him to re-enter the apartment because he believed
there were victims inside. Officer Kiel gave chase and caught him at the threshold. The
momentum from the chase caused Officer Kiel and the male to stop at the couch inside
the apartment. A female tried to intervene in the arrest. Officer Grant was trying to
hold her back while trying to help Officer Kiel arrest the gang member. The female was
ordered to move back several times and she replied that she would not and said that
the male was her son. She managed to move around Officer Grant and Officer Kiel tried
to push her back and un-intentionally connected with her face with an open hand. She
was arrested and booked for Obstructing. The male returned to the scene when officers
called him and was arrested and booked for Assault 4. The Second gang member was arrested and booked for Assault and 5 felony warrents. He was transported to Trios and refused treatment. He was medically cleared for booking. The male's hands were x-rayed and did not appear to be broken. He was cleared for booking.

Assault/100blk N Ely- Female called from Prosser hospital and reported that when she left work at the above location an unknown male assaulted her in the parking lot. She said a light skinned male kicked her vehicle window and she rolled it down. She said the male reached in the window and hit her with something and said her vehicle was running so she was able to drive away. The male tried to hit her again, but only hit the vehicle. When asked why she did not call the police she said she did not have a phone. She was asked if she could return to Kennewick and provide a statement and she said she did not have any gas. Prosser PD agreed to assist and they contacted her. Investigation is continuing.

Theft/1300 blk N Columbia Center Blvd- Loss Prevention reported that a male left the
store with unpaid for merchandise. They contacted a second male in the store with
concealed merchandise. Both were booked for Theft.
Malicious Mischief/100 blk S Gum-
Complainant reported that an unknown suspect
threw a rock at his windshield breaking it. An area check did not produce a suspect.



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