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Cold Weather Increases Carbon Monoxide Danger

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KITTITAS COUNTY, WA - As the weather starts to stay below freezing, Kittitas County Sheriff Deputies want to make sure you're not at risk for Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Cold weather means more people are turning on the heat in their homes, including fuel burning appliances, such as fireplaces and space heaters. Fuel burning appliances produce carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide cannot be seen or smelled, but it can kill a person in minutes.  Signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, confusion, or nausea.

If you think someone has been poised by carbon monoxide, deputies say call 911 and if possible, move that person to fresh air immediately. 

To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, make sure you have a working carbon monoxide (CO) detector in your home. CO detectors measure CO levels and sound an alarm if dangerous levels are detected. 

Deputies say never burn charcoal, for example a charcoal grill, inside homes, tents, garages, or mobile homes. Do not burn charcoal in the fireplace in your home.  Never use gasoline powered equipment indoors. Use generators outdoors and far from open windows and vents. 

Never use a gas oven to heat your home, even for a short time.  Use proper fuel in space heaters.  Never sleep in a room while using an unventilated gas or kerosene heater.  Make sure that chimneys and flues are in good condition, and open flues completely when fireplaces are in use. 

Have oil and gas appliances and fireplaces as well as wood stoves checked every year by a professional.  Never idle a car in a garage, even when the garage door is open. 

For more information, please contact the Kittitas County Fire Marshal at 509-962-7000 or the Kittitas County Public Health Department at 509-962-7515.