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Russell Wilson Gets A Table... Or Does He

Sometimes you have to be Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson to get a table at an exclusive Seattle eatery. Sometimes you are one of Wilson's teammates and you can't get the same seat. So what do you do? Well for Michael Bennett that's simple, you pretend to be the popular No. 3 himself.

ESPN's Terry Blount reported today, Dec. 5, that Bennett had called an exclusive restaurant in Seattle and tried to get a table, but he wasn't famous enough. So a few minutes later he called back, hiked up his voice a few octaves and pretended to be Wilson to get a seat... and it worked! 

When Bennett got to the restaurant the rouse was up especially since the 6'4" 275-pound lineman is a much larger man than the 5'11" 205-pound Wilson. The same hostess was gracious and Bennett and his family were treated as if he was the man he had pretended to be.

To the poor sap Bennett duped into believing she was going to meet one of Seattle's most popular sports celebrities Bennett just had this to say, "gotcha."

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