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Yakima Bob's Keg and Cork To Close; Owner Reflects

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YAKIMA, WA. -- Bob's Keg and Cork in Yakima is closing it's doors after 15 years of friendly service.

When Bob's Keg and Cork closes it's doors this week, customers say they will lose something that is not only unique to Yakima, but close to their heart.

There are some businesses that, over the years, offer more than just a service, they give people a home.

"A lot of people like this place and lot of people tell me how much they're going to miss it," owner Bob Hargreaves said. "And that's very gratifying to me to know that I made that much of an affect on people here."

You won't find a TV at Bob's. In fact, the only things to entertain customers while they sip a drink is fine art and Bob's collection of reading materials, all a part of the pub's personality.

"I catered to people," Bob said. "People who wanted to come in and visit and talk and have a great beer or great wine. And not just sit here glued to a TV set or anything like that. It seemed to have worked."

Bob wasn't even officially open today, but people came anyway to pay their respects. 

"There's a family that comes here and those are the customers," employee Melissa Brown said. "I feel like people are welcome here, people of all different walks of life."

"You can buy a good pint, its not hard to find in this town," longtime customer Dave Lafountaine said. "But you will be hard pressed to find a place like this."

The last official day of business is Tuesday but Bob says if you come by and he's still around closing up, he'd be glad to serve you a pint.