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Kennewick Police Department: Daily Briefing: Saturday, December 28, 2013

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Assault/6700 blk W Albany- On 12/29/13 the Kennewick Police Department took the
suspect in yesterday's shooting into custody. The suspect, Tommy Avis, is currently
booked in the Benton County Jail on charges of assault 1st degree. The associated
vehicle, Nissan Versa, has also been located and no longer being sought.
Tommy Avis is an associate of Derrick Cady, both from Kennewick. The two were
involved in a reported dispute, possibly over property. Both have previous arrest
records. Avis confronted Cady on the morning of 12/28, which resulted in Cady receiving
at least one gunshot wound to his leg. Avis left the scene in a 2014 Nissan Versa, which
was a rental vehicle. The vehicle was occupied by multiple people as it left the scene.
The Nissan was later located unoccupied, and impounded by the Kennewick Police
Department's Criminal Apprehension Team.
Kennewick Police Patrol Officers located and arrested Tommy Avis the morning of
12/29. Avis has been booked into the Benton County Jail for Assault 1st. Derrick Cady
remains at Harbor View Medical Center in Seattle.
Kennewick Police are looking for Michael Eugene Land, 24 year old white male, who is a
suspected accomplice to the shooting. Additionally wanted for questioning is Genesis
Marie Garza, 28 year old Hispanic female. Garza currently has outstanding unrelated
warrants for her arrest.
Theft/8700 blk W Falls Ave- Complainant reported that during the night the license
plate, WA 595ZTT was stolen off of her 2001 Chevy Blazer. No leads or suspects. Plate
entered in as stolen.
Field Arrest/Kennewick & Quincy- Male was stopped for a traffic violation and pulled
into a driveway on Quincy at Kennewick Ave. He exited his vehicle and fled west on foot
behind the house. The initiating Officer coordinated additional unit response. A 911
call was made from a nearby house that was disconnected, which focused police
attention to the house. The male had knocked on a window to get in. The home owner,
being startled by the window knock, called 911, until he realized who it was. He was
located inside the residence and booked on obstructing charge. His vehicle was
impounded for evidence search warrant.
Theft/1100 blk N Columbia Center Blvd- Complainant reported that sometime last night
around 1930, the license plate WA B90749R was stolen off of his Dodge Ram pickup. No
leads or suspects, Plate entered as stolen.
Theft from Vehicle/800 blk N Johnson- Complainantreported that sometime during the night somebody broke into his unlocked Dodge Durango and stole the TV mounted to the ceiling of the vehicle. No leads or suspects.

Theft SL/7400 blk W Canal Dr- Male was seen stealing a curling iron from the store.
Officers responded and contacted him in the parking lot. He was detained without
incident. He admitted to the theft, stating that he was stealing the iron to give to his
mother as a late Christmas gift. He was also found to have a DOC warrant. He was
booked for the warrant and shoplifting.
Theft SL/1300 blk W 4th Ave- 44 year old male was caught shoplifting some food and a
knife. When confronted by store security, he tried to run off. Store security was able to
hold him on the ground until officers arrived. Initially he was uncooperative. He would
not give his name. Animal control was contacted to collect his dog. Prior to transport to
the Benton County Jail, he feigned a heart attack. He was transported to Trios, where
Officers stayed with him until hospital staff medically cleared him. Booked for
DUI, Assault & Provoking/7000 blk W Grandridge Blvd- Officers responded to the
Convention Center regarding a disturbance in progress. Male and female were at the
Convention Center attending a party. Both were intoxicated. They were given an open
bottle of wine as a parting gift. As they exited the facility, Convention Center staff
informed them that state liquor laws prohibit them from leaving with open alcohol
containers. The female became confrontational and refused to give the wine back. She
spat on an employee. Convention Center security was summoned, and the male started
yelling in an intimidating manner. Officers were called, and the couple left. They were
seen driving off through the parking lot in a reckless manner. Officer Banner located the
vehicle as it pulled into a nearby hotel parking lot. Both were arrested without incident.
The male was processed for DUI (.153 & .163). He was booked for the DUI, provoking
assault and Obstructing. The female was booked for assault 4th and obstructing.
Assault, Malicious Mischief & Trespass/2300 blk W 1st Ave- Officers responded to this address regarding a disturbance. A 30 year old female and 37 year old male reported
that a male had just been at the residence causing a disturbance. He is the ex-boyfriend
of the female. This evening the ex-boyfriend threw a pumpkin through her window.
The new boyfriend ran outside to confront him, at which time the old boyfriend shot
him in the arm with an air-soft gun and sprayed him in the face with some type of
pepper spray. The suspect then fled the area on foot. Officers searched the area,
however could not locate him. He also has a warrant for his arrest and is a transient,
but rumored to be living in the Finley area. A citation has been completed charging him
with assault 4th, Malicious Mischief 3rd DV and Trespass 2nd and mailed to his last known

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