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Thieves Steal and Prowl Several Cars, Targeting Hondas

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Thieves in Kennewick have stolen at least four cars since Friday including one work truck worth about $70,000. Thieves in Kennewick have stolen at least four cars since Friday including one work truck worth about $70,000.

KENNEWICK, WA - Thieves in Kennewick have stolen at least four cars since Friday, including one work truck worth about $70,000.

The biggest target over the weekend was Hondas, but it is not only Honda owners that should be on high alert because the thieves have been stealing license plates too.

Paula Long's driveway was empty Monday after her 16 year old daughter's 1993 Honda Accord was towed after thieves caused extensive damage to the car's ignition early Sunday trying to steal it.

"She's disappointed because now she doesn't feel safe that someone is always going to be targeting her car," said Paula Long.

Police said thieves this weekend were after Hondas and license plates. They said it is a common operation, putting stolen plates on stolen cars, making it harder for police to track them down.

"You can imagine when a car is reported stolen of course that license plate is immediately entered in the system and every police officer is out there looking for it but with stolen license plates many times go unnoticed for a while," said Sergeant Ken Lattin, Kennewick Police Department.

The owners of a Chevy Blazer realized their plates were stolen only after driving it to a friends house and walking around the back they say their neighbor's plates were taken too just about a month before theirs.

While the thieves weren't able to steal Long's daughter's car it comes as a surprise. She said only up until recently she has felt very safe in her neighborhood.

"Most of them were in the West end of Kennewick so everybody thinks that all the bad thing happen in the East end of Kennewick but know this, thieves work all over the place," said Sergeant Lattin.

As for Hondas...

"No I probably wouldn't get another '93 Accord," concluded Long.


KENNEWICK, WA Kennewick Police say thieves have been targeting Hondas to prowl and steal throughout the city. 

Officers want to remind you to be on the look out for suspicious people in your neighborhood after a series of weekend car prowls and thefts. 

On top of stealing the series of cars this weekend, license plates were stolen. Officers say it's a common method for car thieves to steal license plates, and then put them on stolen cars, making them harder to detect. 

Police say they want to encourage everyone to check their cars or trucks and make sure their plates on the front and back of the car are still intact.

Over the weekend, police say Brandon Kirkendall reported his gray 1996 Honda Civic stolen, sometime between 9 PM Friday night, and 12:45 Saturday morning from 317 West Kennewick Avenue. Kirkendall told police his car was locked, and that he had the only keys. The License plate number is AJS9030.

On Saturday, police say Debra Hanson reported her 2001 Chevy Blazer, License plate 595ZTT, stolen from 8726 W Falls Ave.

Officers say around 7:30 Saturday night, someone stole the license plate off of Ronald Waubauger's Dodge Ram pickup from 1102 North Columbia Center Boulevard, #B. The plate number is B90749R.

On Sunday, officers say Beau Melius reported his 2003 Chevrolet 3500 1 ton bronze dually pickup stolen overnight from 2001 West 7th. Melius says the truck belongs to Valmont Northwest, with Washington license place B28322S, VIN #1GBJK34633E223295. There are copper leads on one side and tool boxes on the other, with the number 007 on the tool box, and a red cherry picker hoist on the truck bed. It's worth about $70,000. 

Also on Sunday, officers say Greg Hunsaker reported his 1997 dark green Honda Accord, WA license plate 279XNA stolen from N. Center Park Way.

Police say David Long also reported someone got into his green Honda Accord at 2401 South Irving. Long told officers that nothing was taken from the car, but there was damage to the ignition. 

Lastly, officers say Michael Lye reported his silver 1997 Honda Accord, plate 436-ZGR, stolen from 8032 W. Hood Avenue on Sunday. Lye told police the car was parked and locked outside his home.