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KHQ IN-DEPTH COVERAGE: Timothy Suckow Pleads Not Guilty In Doug Carlile Murder

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Timothy Suckow (left) was arrested for the murder of Doug Carlile (right) on Tuesday Timothy Suckow (left) was arrested for the murder of Doug Carlile (right) on Tuesday
SPOKANE, Wash. - SPOKANE, Wash. - In a hearing that lasted less than five minutes, Timothy Suckow, the man suspected of murdering Doug Carlile, pleaded not guilty to Carlile's murder. Suckow simply stated his name and his not guilty plea in the short proceeding inside the Spokane County Courthouse. His bond was maintained at $2,000,000.


A Spokane man was arrested late Monday night in the murder investigation of South Hill businessman Doug Carlile, 63. Timothy Suckow, 50, was arrested on a First Degree Murder charge and made his first court appearance Tuesday afternoon. Prosecutors asked Suckow be held on a $2 million bond. In court, the family of Doug Carlile spoke to KHQ and told reporters that Spokane Police did a commendable job and "haven't let up."

The Murder

Doug Carlile was murdered December 15th, 2013 when he and his wife returned to their home in the 2500 block of S. Garfield Rd. It was a Sunday night when an intruder confronted Doug Carlile in the kitchen. His wife had gone upstairs, but returned to the kitchen when she heard the commotion.

She told police that her husband was talking to a white man that she did not know. That man was wearing all black, had gloves on, and was pointing a gun at her husband. She ran upstairs and heard gunfire, then called 911. When police arrived they found her husband dead in the kitchen, and his wife hiding upstairs in a closet.

The Investigation

From the beginning, Spokane Police said this was not a random attack. They believed that Doug Carlile was targeted and were searching into Carlile's past to find out why someone would want him dead. Witnesses said they saw a white caravan looking Chevy van. The van was also seen on a nearby business's surveillance camera. In the Carlile's backyard, detectives found a black glove, likely worn by the killer. The only possible lead detectives had was the white van. Detectives received a list of all Chevrolet extended cab vans in the Spokane area. A Spokane Valley business, IRS Environmental, had one of them. Detectives impounded that 1995 Chevrolet van and executed a search warrant on it. In the van they found items that belonged to Timothy Suckow. DNA samples from the leather glove, found in the Carlile's backyard, matched Timothy Suckow. That was enough for police to move on Suckow's arrest.

Timothy Suckow

Suckow is a 50-year-old man with a criminal history in Spokane that dates back to the 1980's. He has at least two burglaries on his record. Nothing more than that in Washington. His last arrest was in 1983 and he was under supervision by the Department of Corrections from 1984 to 1991. Suckow does not have any more arrests from the early 90's to this week, but he does have a history of mental illness. In 1995, during an interview at Eastern Hospital, Suckow said "I'm always hearing voices. Satan talking to me, to kill myself or cut myself up.

When I get mad I get explosive and dangerous. Mostly to myself." Court documents also say Suckow has "a history of devil worshiping, explosive anger."James Henrikson and the North Dakota Oil IndustryAs far as detectives or family have told KHQ, there is no reason to believe that Doug Carlile had any relationship with Timothy Suckow. Carlile did, however, have an extensive business relationship with a man named James Henrikson. Carlile had recently entered into the oil business in North Dakota, where he met James Henrikson. James Henrikson has an extensive criminal history that ranges all over the Northwest, from Oregon to the Tri-Cities.

Family members told KHQ that Doug Carlile has said, "If I disappear or wake up with bullets in my back, promise me you will let everyone know that James Henrikson did it."Spokane Police Detectives have been to North Dakota to interview James Henrikson. He denied having played any role in the murder of Doug Carlile even saying he had no idea why someone would want to hurt Doug Carlile. However, court documents show that Henrikson did tell police that Carlile owed him $1.88 million. Court documents show that Henrickson also told detectives that he is "very angry" with Carlile, and that Carlile "does not pay people the money they are owed."

A confidential informant told police he has "personally heard Henrickson threaten to kill Carlile."Carlile's son told police that in late August or early September, Henrikson showed up to his office and demanded $400,000. He told Carlile's son that if Carlile did not pay up "something bad could happen to me and my family." Carlile's son admitted to loaning his father a gun for his protection, just prior to the murder.One of Henrikson's employees has a "Mexican Mafia" tattoo and has gone to prison for murder.

That employee denied that Henrikson asked him to find someone to kill Carlile.Court documents suggest that Henrikson is currently under federal investigation for defrauding an energy company out of millions of dollars. At this time we don't know how Henrickson and Suckow knew each other, but records say that Suckow's cell phone listed "James ND" as a contact, with Henrickson's cell phone number.

Moving Forward

Spokane Police will not say whether there will be further arrests. Timothy Suckow will be charged with First-Degree Murder. His trial date has not yet been decided.
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