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Sam Adams' Super Bowl Blog: 'Live From New York...'

NEW YORK, New York -

SWX Sports Anchor Sam Adams and KHQ Photojournalist Josh Godfrey are in the New York/New Jersey area for the big game this Sunday. The two landed on Monday and Sam will be blogging his journey all week long right here on and on Be sure to follow along with Sam on Twitter, just search @SWXSamAdams and on KHQ's Facebook page and SWX's Facebook page. 

Monday, January 27th, 2014

After the longest 4.5 hour flight in the history of mankind (thanks screaming baby, lady with tuna sandwich, and poor little airsick boy) we have touched down in New York City.  We were greeted with a hearty "Welcome to New York" from yellow jacketed volunteers at baggage claim at JFK, and then sent on our merry way to a waiting cab.

Bill Zheng is our driver to Times Square.  Though English is his second language,  Bill knows just how big the Super Bowl is. I  Asked how many Seahawks and Broncos fans he's cabbed so far, he says none.  "But," he adds, "they will come.  Many, many of them.

The pace here is quick... it's like I-90 at rush hour 24 hours a day here.  But with more honks and middle fingers.  I'm enjoying the ride. New York, here we come!

Bill tells us there are 13,000 cabs in New York City.  He is full of other useful information.  Like telling me politely not to take pictures while going through Midtown Tunnel.

"Terrorists took picture at World Trade Center," Bill reminds us.  We haven't even arrived in Times Square, and 9/11 is already on our mind.  The City That Never Sleeps also never forgets.
When Bill is asked how long he's lived here, he tells us "Too long."  He's not wild about Manhattan either. "Everyone think they are boss."

We're nearing our destination.  Bill may be sour on New York, but we are wide eyed.  The city is new to us.
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