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Ethos Bakery in Richland Purchase Finnegan Frost

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RICHLAND, WA - Richland-based company, Ethos Group, announced that it has acquired premium frozen yogurt retailer, Finnegan Frost, for an undisclosed amount.

Ethos Group began in October 2011 as Ethos Bakery, a wholesale and retail wood-fired bakery and pizzeria located in the Horn Rapids Business District. Owned and operated by Angela Kora and Scot Newell, the company has expanded to include Ethos Creamery, Ethos Catering, and a planned 4000 SF restaurant in North Richland, Ethos Trattoria.

"The opportunity to purchase Finnegan Frost was unexpected, but it complements our company as a brand with big-market poise," said Newell. "We're fortunate that such a brand exists right here in the Tri-Cities. We were already expanding into the frozen dessert market with our recent addition of housemade ice creams developed by our pastry chef, Brett Crusselle, so Finnegan Frost will be a fitting meld of product lines."

Finnegan Frost, a single-location organic frozen yogurt shop in Richland, debuted to critical acclaim not long after Ethos' bakery division in 2011. Founded by Tri-Citians Matt Kincaid, Tyler Borders, and Michael Miller, the small but sturdy Finnegan Frost quickly gained a devoted following.

"We built this brand in what many considered an unlikely market, for the very purpose of expansion. The Tri-Cities seems to have a reputation that it wants what Seattle has, but won't sustain it. We wanted to refute that notion," said Borders. "The Ethos Group will take ‘The Finn' farther and faster than we could ever hope to. That's gratifying for all of us."

The Ethos Group plans to open Ethos Trattoria in early fall 2014. A full service restaurant and coffee shop, the retail location will feature a wood-fired oven and grill, and beer, wine, and spirits. Leading the kitchen will be Chef Autumn Brown, a Pasco native who trained in Italy and southern California, was sous chef under Certified Master Chef James Corwell at the four-star Le Foret in New Orleans, and most recently served as interim executive chef at Cameo Heights in Touchet, WA. Chef Brown currently leads Ethos Catering and the Sunday Supper wine dinner series held at Ethos' Horn Rapids bakery.  In the meantime, Kora and Newell have big plans for Finnegan Frost's current location, including adding new in-house toppings, making Ethos Creamery pints available for purchase, and expanding the partnerships with local providers including Graf Blueberry Farm in Sunnyside, Schreiber and Sons, and Two Sisters Honey. 

"The heart and soul of Finnegan Frost--commitment to quality, simplicity, and health--will remain unchanged," said Kora. "We're going to bring our expertise in baking and food creativity to the brand, and offer customers new and exciting ways to enjoy the best frozen yogurt possible."