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Central Washington "Weird Numbers" Professor Wins National Award

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Dr. Dominic Klyve Dr. Dominic Klyve

YAKIMA, WA - Some people are born with it. Math that is.

"I have loved math since my earliest memory," Dr. Dominic Klyve said. "When I was 2 and 3 years old my favorite hobby was walking around the house counting things."

Dr. Dominic Klyve, professor at Central Washington University is one of those people. Dr. Klyve is so good at math he can do this:

"What day was April 15, 1922?" we asked him. 

"April 15,1922. That is a Saturday," Dr. Klyve responded.

Ask him a date, in any year you can think of, and he'll name the day of the week. 

But besides juggling and date recalling, this professor has another amazing talent. The most important talent of all, teaching.

"He made it so much fun," Kate Bridal said. "I really liked him as a professor and now I've been doing math in my spare time."

"It's just a lot fun especially with how excited he is about math," Jeremy Klarich said. Just how excited does he get about math? "Extremely excited."

Around Central Washington University, Dominic is most well known for his work with weird numbers. For example, 70, which can be divided by 1,2,5,14 and 35. Even though they add up to more than 70, they do not add up to exactly 70. The biggest weird number that Dominic and his class discovered is 455 digits long and that's a world record.

"My class broke a world record," Jacob Darst said. "How many other people can say that?"

Not many students can also say they're taught by the first Washington teacher since 1996 to win the Henry L. Alder Award for Distinguished Teaching.

"The fact that I can make a difference in student's lives, the fact that I can teach them math at all is way more important than any one single award," Dr. Klyve said.

All this may not make him the most interesting man in the world, but it does add up to one pretty amazing teacher.