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Job and Alarm Company Scams Target Tri-Cities

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KENNEWICK, WA - Kennewick Police want you to know about two different scams going on in our area.

Police say a person living in Kennewick recently reported that two men came to their home saying they were with ADT Security - yet neither was wearing a uniform, and they weren't driving a company car.

The two men said they needed to make upgrades to the home security system because of reported burglaries where criminals were cutting phone lines. Kennewick Police however, say there haven't been any reports of burglaries like that.

The home had an ADT Security sign in the yard, but luckily the homeowner told the two men they couldn't come inside. The men said they would come back the next day, so the homeowner called ADT Security. ADT however, said no employees were working in the area.

The City of Kennewick requires all employees for security alarm companies to be licensed, and carry city-issued identification. This incident is a reminder that you should always verify people who try to impact the safety of you and your home.  

Police are also warning you about work related scams, with fake job listings online.

Kennewick Police say Seandino Flores from Benton City and Kody Swentik from Burbank found a posting for a construction job on Craigslist, with the company "Steel Contractors of America."

The men told police that a man who said he was from the company, Ricky Silvers, told them he was looking for employees for a new project in the Tri-Cities.

Swentik and Flores say Silvers hired both of them, and told them they had to go through OSHEA training. Police say Silvers then said the men had to pay for the training up front, and that he would reimburse them afterwards.

Officers say Swentik and Flores both bought prepaid green dot cards for $181.95 and gave Silvers the information. But when the two showed up for training on Monday, the training wasn't happening. Police say the men called Silvers, but he hung up right away after answering. When they called back, he didn't answer.

Swentik told officers that he has checked for employment ads on Craigslist, but he couldn't find the ad for Steel Contractors of America again.