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THEN AND NOW: What's George Maupin Up To These Days?

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George Maupin has been enjoying retirement George Maupin has been enjoying retirement
SPOKANE, Wash. -
One of the most popular TV personalities to grace the airwaves here at KHQ was our very own George Maupin.
It's hard to believe he's been retired for nearly a year and a half. There's no question George was one of a kind.
We've had many people ask how he's doing, so we thought it was only natural to feature George on our "Then and Now" segment.

"I'm doing great! At the beginning it was awful. I missed the job," George said as he pondered his retirement to KHQ's Stephanie Vigil.

The television news business has been in George's blood for over 30 years.

"I enjoyed the idea that I was involved in something that if done well can make a difference in someone's life. I felt good about being a part of that but I like the energy. It's a high-energy job as you know," George said. 

With his passion for the news, weather and entertaining his viewers, it took some time for George to adjust to retirement.

"I miss it and I miss all of those people and it's fun because when I do go out, I run into somebody and 90 percent of the time I don't know them, but they feel like we're family. Did it all go by so fast? Yes and no. I think it always feels like that. Because my son is 22 now and somewhere in the files they got a little promo shot when he was 7 or something like that."

But retirement is working well for George and that may be because he is still young at heart. 

"My wife goes to work everyday so it could be lonely, but I love more than anything, I love to read. I fell in love with books at an early age, so I've got basically 12 hundred books and I got about 900 of them to read."

But it wasn't just George that had to adjust to his new life, his wife also had to get used to it. 

"I think she's adapted to it too. I think she was as leery of it as I was. I think she thought I was going to be become more of a problem than I am. That I would be miserable and she would be living in this house with a miserable old coot!"

But George is far from the "miserable old coot" he claims to be, and he is keeping busy.

"I go to the library and check out some books I go down to Auntie's and look for some books. We'll go to a movie or a play or we'll go to a party at somebody's house or something like that. If you're retired you've got to find things that will keep you interested in stuff. I'm just naturally curious that way so I may be lucky."

And George's advice for all the men out there? 

"Marry a younger woman that's you're advice? Yeah that helps because she can cook."

George and his wife are looking forward to traveling through Europe soon. Aside from marrying a younger woman, his biggest piece of advice is to save your money so you can enjoy retirement.

If you'd like to stay in touch with George, you can still do so through his Facebook page:

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