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Report Ranks Lumberjack As 2014's Worst Career

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A new report shows in 2014 logging is at the top of the list of jobs you want to steer clear of.'s annual report shows lumber jacking, or logging as it's now called, is high-stressed, with a lot of dangers, and few job openings.

It comes with a sense of freedom, spending time in the great outdoors and, most importantly, it's a living. These aspects of the logging profession have kept Henry Fassnacht in the industry for the last 30 years.

"There's a lot of satisfaction in going out into the woods and doing good forestry and stewardship," said Fassnacht, the owner of Blackfoot Forestry in Missoula.

"It's just great going into the outdoors," he said.

Fassnacht remains happy with his career choice, but a report by ranks it as the worst job title you can have.

"There were a lot of hazards, leaning trees, big branches falling,' Fassnacht said.

A factor that played into it's ranking, is the dangers that come with the profession. Most of workers are working with large pieces of equipment. Fassnacht said with the changing forests, the risks have also changed.

Now, instead of trees falling or chainsaw accidents, the biggest risk is falling.

"If they're' mechanizing 10 feet above the ground, standing on a big plate of steel, and they fall they're going to get hurt," Fassnacht said.

The report also shows jobs in the industry are hard to find anymore.

"It's not growing. The labor force is shrinking, the demand for labor is shrinking," Fassnacht said.

Either way, Fassnacht said he's happy with his profession, and isn't quitting anytime soon.

"There's a satisfaction in it, you just don't get out of many other jobs," Fassnacht said.

Newspaper reporting is the second worst career you can have according to the list, and a mathematician is ranked as the best.