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South Korean Ferry: 113 Now Confirmed Dead, 190 Still Missing

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South Korean Ferry: 113 Now Confirmed Dead, 190 Still Missing
JINDO, South Korea (AP) - As more bodies are recovered from a sunken South Korean ferry, the number of confirmed dead has reached 113, with about 190 people still missing.
Meanwhile, four crew members who are accused of abandoning the ship and failing to protect the passengers have been arrested, three days after warrants were issued for the captain and two other crew members.
The victims were overwhelmingly students from a single high school. More than three quarters of the 323 students who were on board are dead or missing. Nearly two-thirds of the other 153 people aboard survived.
Officials say most of the bodies have been found on the third or fourth floors of the ferry, where many passengers seemed to have gathered.

Newly Arrested Crew Members Say They Tried To Save Ferry

JINDO, South Korea (AP) - The four crew members from a sunken South Korean ferry who were arrested today have appeared in court.
In all, 22 of the 29 members of the ferry's crew survived, and nine of them -- including the captain -- have been arrested or detained in connection with the investigation.
The four who were arrested today talked to reporters after the court hearing, with their faces hidden by caps, sweatshirts and masks. One said the crew had tried to correct the ferry's listing early on, but that "various devices" failed to work. The crew member said they reported the emergency and tried to launch lifeboats, but the ferry was tilted too far.
The captain has said he waited to issue an evacuation order because the current was strong, the water was cold and passengers could have drifted away before help arrived. But maritime experts said he could have ordered passengers to the deck - where they would have had a greater chance of survival - without telling them to abandon ship.

Acts Of Bravery Emerge From Pilloried Ship Crew
MOKPO, South Korea (AP) - Although nine of the surviving crew members from the sunken South Korean ferry have been arrested or detained, there are also accounts of heroism from the crew as the ship listed and began to sink.
At least seven of the 29 crew members are missing or dead. Several of those who survived stayed on or near the ship to help passengers.
But others, including the captain, fled the ship. And they're being labeled "cowards" on social media, while South Korea's president says their actions were "murderous" and "unforgivable."
As for those crew members who stayed behind, some gave their lifejackets to passengers. A surviving passenger says there weren't enough life jackets for everyone in the area of the third floor where he and others waited. He says four crew members didn't wear any, so that all of the passengers could have one.
One crew member refused to leave until she shepherded students off the ship. She was later found dead -- without a lifejacket.
The wife of a missing crew member says the last words she heard from her husband in a cell phone call were, "I'm on my way to save the kids." He was referring to the 323 high school students on the ferry.
One man says he and four other crew members worked from nearby boats to smash windows on the sinking ferry, dragging six passengers to safety.

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