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German Consulate Wants Justice for Diren Dede's Death

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Memorial for Diren Dede Memorial for Diren Dede
MISSOULA - ABC FOX MONTANA has obtained photos from Markus Kaarma's attorney, Paul Ryan on Wednesday, depicting some of 17-year-old Diren Dede's last moments alive.

They were pulled from a live streaming video baby monitor Kaarma's partner, Janelle Plfager, had set up in their garage.

The photos show 17-year-old Diren Dede inside the garage-- some time before he was shot in the head and left arm by Kaarma.

ABC FOX MONTANA also learned Diren Dede's father arrived in Missoula Tuesday night.

An official from the German Consulate is assisting him, while he meets with local law enforcement and attorneys on the case.

A German Consulate spokeswoman said they're doing all they can to support the family of Diren Dede, who was shot and killed in a garage, right here, in this quiet Missoula neighborhood.

"The consulate general was completely shocked to learn about this killing of a German foreign exchange student," said German Consulate spokeswoman Julia Reinhardt.

Reinhardt said they became involved in the case as soon as they learned about Diren Dede's death.

"We are in continued contact with the authorities, we sent a staff member to Missoula."

Reinhardt says she and other diplomats at the consulate understand that in Montana, it is lawful to use deadly force to protect oneself under certain circumstances. And as a foreign exchange student living in Montana, Dede was subject to state law.

"We would just hope that the owner of the gun would use it in a responsible way," Reinhardt added.

And Reinhardt said she finds it difficult to justify Kaarma's actions, even though he claims he feared for his life.

"The use of a gun in this case seems to us out of proportion."

Reinhardt said she hopes the investigation will be speedy and thorough.

"We just hope that justice will be done to make it clear to everyone that an unarmed juvenile cannot lawfully be killed by a citizen of Montana simply because the juvenile has trespassed into a garage," said Reinhardt.

Reinhardt said the consulate official will continue to assist Dede's father while he prepares his son's body to be returned home.

She said treatment of a body varies under Muslim religion, which includes burying a body 48 hours after the time of death.

The Muslim Student Association at the University of Montana is also aiding Dede's father while he is in Missoula.

Neighbors in the Grant Creek area continue to feel the effects of the shooting in their neighborhood.

Suzanne Klise said she and her husband are Kaarma's next-door-neighbors.

Klise said she and her husband noticed another deer canyon resident had put up balloons on their mailbox earlier today.

They were touched by the gesture and wanted to join the effort.

"Everyone is just feeling really badly for both the host family and the German family and what they're going through right now, and just our hearts reach out to them," Klise said.

Klise said this community is still in shock, and they'll continue to show support for Dede's family.