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Protect Your Home From Burglars While on Vacation

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KENNEWICK, WA - School is out and many families will be leaving their homes and going on vacations. But how do you make sure burglars are not taking advantage of your empty house?

If you are counting down the days to board that plane to get to your summer vacation destination, burglars could be too.
"I think everybody should be able to enjoy their vacation and not have to worry about their house just take those precautions," said Officer Keith Noble, Kennewick Police Department.

First on that precautions list, make sure you are not announcing your departure on social media.

Other tips include stopping newspaper service while you are gone so they do not pile up and make it obvious the no one is home to pick them up.

Or having someone come by and turn on your lights in the evening or installing automatic lights on timers so it looks like someone is home.

Plus securing your windows with wooden dowels from the hardware store for extra security.

You may also want to go around a pick up any spare keys you may have hiding around the house like under a mat or behind a pot.

Another tip, let your local police department know if you will be gone for some time because they may be able to make extra patrols in your area.

"Let us know what car should be or not be in the driveway and we can try to check on it throughout our days," Officer Noble said.

And of course you can ask your neighbors to keep an eye out.

"If you do see people around your neighbor's house and you don't know who they are just call us so we can come check it out, it could be the neighbor or a family friend turning on the lights and it might be an actual burglar but we can't catch them unless we have the citizens out there that call us in," he continued.