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So Good: Fast Pitch Duo of Ray and Walker

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 The dynamic duo are quite fond of one another, especially when you ask about their counterpart, the catcher on her pitcher:

"She's great, she's searching for perfection, and getting there each day, she's great to work with.  She's a great person, and not only wants to win, but she's a team player" says Avalanche Catcher Dani Walker (Deer Lodge) about her teammate Morgan Ray (Frenchtown)

And the pitcher on her catcher, who was the first Montana high school commit to the newly formed University of Montana softball team.

"I'm so proud of her that she's going to the University of Montana, she deserves it, she works hard, every second of every game.  She catches every game for us because she's our only catcher, and she still does good every single time," says the pitcher, Ray.

A catcher bound for Montana, and a pitcher whose long been committed to Ohio State.

"For a State of Montana Team, It's really rare, I'm not sure it's ever happened before, but it's rare and it's comforting to us," says Avalanche coach manager Todd White.

But it's not as simple as having a D1 Pitcher and Catcher to become state champs, which the Avalanche did this past weekend.  But that's not always an easy transition.

"Normally it's really hard to change catchers, because you have to have that chemistry and connection with them, and you have to communicate.  This time it was easy as pie," says Ray.

With one more year of high school left for Ray, her current teammate is sure to remind her that if she switches her commitment, they could be teammates for even longer.

"I talk to her all the time, my coach obviously can't convince her to come because she's already committed, but I remind her that she can stay with me because because we work so well, and hopefully she'll stick around," jokes Walker.

"Of course we talk about it, and she says 'Hey you can probably come here!' and obviously we'd like to play together, but I know we'll keep in touch, and it will be fun to see each other later on," adds Ray.