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Griz Softball Coaches Talk Recruiting

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As a start up program, Griz Softball Assistant Coach Melanie Meuchel and Head Coach Jamie Pinkerton have had their hands full in trying to fill out a full roster for the upcoming season. They've spent hundreds of hours on the road recruiting and countless more watching recruiting tapes like this one.

"The 2014 senior class was already recruited so we were playing catch up in our process, so a lot of ours was watch the video and as soon as you like it or it intrigues you that's where we would go out and recruit," said Meuchel.

Meuchel says because their a new program many prospective athletes have sent them their videos.

"I probably watch, pitching ones, ten a day I would guess," said Meuchel.

Coach Meuchel will be working with the pitchers. She says it's the most important position in softball but the hardest to recruit, particularly for this season.

"In the situation we are in a lot of the pitchers have already been picked over and had already found a home when we were looking so we were really trying to turn over the rocks," said Meuchel.

This video here is from Griz signee Carli Riordan, Meuchel says you can tell a lot based off a recruiting tape.

"A lot of it is just basic mechanics from the mound, the way she gets on the mound, the way she utilizes her body, arm circle, leg drive, the way she is able to get power," said Meuchel.

With the team still searching for pitcher Coach Meuchel and I decided to work on a recruiting tape of my own.

"Not really the fundamentals that you need, let's try it again here though," said Meuchel.

Coach Meuchel said she enjoyed giving me some pointers but she's really looking forward to working with the team as they start practicing September 2nd.

"I'm really excited we have been through the grind of finding the kids and putting the roster together and it's a little bit more reality that they're here in almost a month and I'm very excited," said Meuchel.