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JUST ASK SHANE: How Do You Say "Qatar"?

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KENNEWICK, WA - With Water Follies weekend approaching, we have a hydroplane themed question for Just Ask Shane.  Teri sent me an email saying, "I love watching your hydro coverage, and I'm curious, what's the correct way to say 'Qatar'?  I hear the announcers say it one way, but on the news, they say it another way."

Well Teri... we discovered that finding an answer to your question is easier said than done.  When you watch the broadcast of the Unlimited Hydroplane races, you'll hear the announcers talk about the U-96 Spirit of Qatar.  They will typically emphasize the second syllable, so it sounds like "ka-TAR".

When you talk with the racing team, that's how they say it, too.  But if you head to Merriam-Webster's website to get their pronunciation from their dictionary, you'll hear something different.  The dictionary puts the emphasis on the first syllable, so it sounds more like "cutter".

So which one is right?  Well, it depends on who you listen to, but you get the feeling that either one is generally acceptable.

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