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Young Man in Mabton Talks Down Home Invader With Shotgun; Saves Family From Harm

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MABTON, WA. -- Over the weekend, a man threatened a family of 5 with a shotgun, including putting the gun up to the head of an 8-year-old. Luckily, no one was hurt and the man was taken into custody thanks to the heroics of one man.

In moments of life and death, every decision is critical. Some can help save lives. When 20-year-old Armando Alcala heard arguing coming from the living room, he thought nothing of it. But that quickly changed. 

"Like you're heart is racing," Armando Alcala said. "I could die any second if this guy pulls the trigger because it's a shotgun."

Armando had no idea that 29-year-old Gustavo Mariscal-Moreno put a shotgun against his 8-year-old brother's heard, forcing him to open the sliding glass door. He then turned the gun toward his uncle, mother and other brother, on the couch, yelling at them about his ex-wife who was hiding in the garage under a car. 

"He was looking to kill her," Armando said. "I guess he was planning to kill our entire family just to get to her."

Moreno was sitting on the couch holding a shotgun and arguing when some of Armando's family members, then he got up. Moreno walked into Armando's room where he was sitting playing video games. With the shotgun pointed at his chest, Armando managed to do something very important, stay calm.

"And he came right there," Armando said. "He came right there and he aimed it at me and I stood up and I asked him. Well I asked him in Spanish because he knows Spanish. I told him what are you doing? It's not worth it."

The police were now inside the home. Armando saw that Moreno was panicking so he tried to talk him down.

"Put the gun down, it's not worth it," Armando told him. "If you resist, they'll just be harder on you. And he listened, he put the gun down and we put it back there."

Armando and his mom then walked Moreno into the living room where he was calmly handcuffed, ending what could have been a terrible crime of passion, peacefully. All thanks to Armando. 

Mabton Police say they plan to charge Moreno with a host of charges including first degree burglary, 5 counts of assault and unlawful possession of a firearm.